Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Halliards - Untitled LP - 1960s

I know very little about this band but they brought out this LP in Australia in the late 1960s. The band members are listed as Derek Moule, Brian Hall, Paul Langford, Stan Armstrong and Eric Brooks with some help from Rob McCarthy, Bernie Kellow and John McLaughlin. They were an Australian group but it is obvious that some of them are ex-pats from the United Kingdom and Ireland. (Not to be confused with the folk band "Halliard")
This is not one of my rips. I picked this one up from one of my associates some considerable time ago and I have no idea who it was now.  Many thanks!
This is a great LP and they do great justice to the songs on this LP both vocally and instrumentally. In fact, it is one of my favourite albums. The songs are mainly a mix of tracks from the British Isles with one Australian traditional - "The Roma Railway". Also outstanding performances of "Sweet Thames Flow  Softly", "Twa Recruiting Sergeants", "Red Haired  Mary", "Biker Hill" and "Minore".

Track List
1. Come In, come in
2. Black Country
3. Sweet Thames Flow Softly
4. Manchester Rambler
5. William Bloat
6. Greasy Wheel
7. Biker Hill
8. Minore (Two sisters)
9. Roma Railway
10. Twa Recruiting Sergeant (from the Black Watch)
11. Red Haired Mary
12. Brady of Strabane

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Martyn Wyndham-Read, Danny Spooner, Gordon MacIntyre and Peter Dickie "A Wench, a Whale and a Pint of Good Ale" 1966 LP Mono

This is the first of the albums that featured Danny Spooner. This time he is again in company with Martyn Wyndham-Read. Additionally, they are joined by another British ex-pat, Gordon MacIntyre. Gordon was very active in the Australian folk scene for many years; sadly passing away in 1999. Peter Dickie is also acknowledged but he is a complete enigma to me. The LP provides no details as to his actual input - can anyone help with some information on him?
This LP is self-statedly intended to provide greater British Isles folk input to the Australian scene which was then strongly influenced by the north American (US and Canadian) folk scene.
Again, we owe thanks to Denis for making and providing a recording of this LP.  There are some minor problem but it has edited well for such an old and well-loved LP.

Song List
1. The Farmer's Boy
2. The Apprentice Song
3. The Miller and the Maid
4. Er Fa La La Lo
5. The Devil and the Ploughman (Child 279 variant)
6. Greenland Whale Fishery
7. The Hog's-Eye Man
8. Ale Ale Glorious Ale
9. Banks of the Roses
10. I Drew My Ship
11. The Nightingale
12. Whip Jamboree
13. The Oggie Man (No More)
14. The Coast of Peru
15. Ay Waukin Oh
16. Farewell to Tarwarthie

Download with Graphics (MP3 192-224VBR
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Danny Spooner's widow has advised that plans are currently underway to expand the website to re-release Danny's music to raise funds for a memorial statue. Accordingly, the album is no longer available for download.

One of our US visitors has kindly pointed out that Peter Dickie is mentioned in Malcolm J Turnbull's history of the Australian folk movement (no - not the pollie Malcolm Turnbull) and you can find the relevant section at this link (click here).