Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Bushwackers "The Great Bushwackers Band" 3CD compilation 2002

I have now noted that the 2002 Rajon 3CD compilation featuring selected tracks from the Bushwackers is not currently available for sale so I am now posting it. If it should again become available, I will remove the links to this post.
As is common for this type of issue, all tracks have most probably appeared on previous Bushwacker albums and you will recognise that many of them have been included in the excellent LP rips posted here courtesy of our Adelaide friend Ian. The tracks on these CDs appear to have been generated from the original masters. The rips are MP3 @224-256VBR and each CD is about 100Mb.

Track Listing for CD1
1. To the Shores of Botany Bay
2. Wooloomooloo Lair
3. Clancy of the Overflow
4. Overlanders
5. And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda
6. Waltzing Matilda
7. Theme from 'BenHall'
8. One of the Has Beens
9. Jog Along Till Shearing
10. New Broom
11. Van Diemens Land
12. Lachlan Tigers
13. Lime Juice Tub
14. Flying Pieman
15. Marijuana Australia
16. Theme from 'Cash & CD'

Download CD1
From MediaFire

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Track listing for CD2
17. Hard Luck Stories
18. Billy of Tea
19. Flash Jack from Gundagai
20. Faces in the Street
21. Ned Kelly's Tunes
22. Ballad of 1891
23. Weevils in the Flour
24. Freedom on the Wallaby
25. Les Darcy
26. Dick's Pig
27. Bill's Yarn
28. Tent Poles (Are Rotten on the Wallaby)
29. Mistress on the Floor
30. Stringybark Creek
31. Annie
32. Past Carin'

Download CD2
From MediaFire
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Track listing for CD3 (mainly music for bush dances)
33. Wild Horses
34. Fanny Bay
35. Waves of Bondi (Waves of Tory, Rakes of Mallow, Drowsie Maggie, Spanish Ladies)
36. Road to Gundagai (Mudgee Scottische, Road to Gundagai)
37. Heel and Toe Polka (Brown Jug, Davvy Nic Nac, Ten Pound Float)
38. Pride of Erin (Planxty Irwin, Big Fairy Mountain and Little Fairy Mountain)
39. Drongo (Muckin' of Geordie's Byre, Nancy, Rakes of Kildare, Wynham's Reel)
40. Madmans Woodyard (Merri Creek, Madmans Woodyard, New St. George's Road)
41. Barn Dance (Dumbarton Castle)
42. Stockyards, Ned Kelly's Dance, Flying Doctor (Blackthorn Stick, Sixpenny Money, Kesh Jig, Haymakers Jig)
43. Queensland Back Step (Gallopede, Nut Brown Melody, 42nd Regiment, Bottom of the Punchbowl)
44. The Kangaroo Hop (Rogue's March, Skippy)
45. Strip the Willow (Soldier's Joy, Fred's Delight, McLeod's Reel, Trip to the Cottage, Marie's Wedding)
46. Waltz Country Dance (Starry Night for a Ramble, Springtime Brings on the Shearing,The Dark Isle)

Download CD3
From MediaFire (new 31Aug2017)
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  1. Cheers! I had a bad download from Itunes of "the band played waltzing matilda". So this is appreciated. Thank you.

  2. yay i found it downloading now i hope its not a virus lol

  3. I picked this up at Big W recently for $15, interestingly when ripped the tracks' titling info says the Best Of Redgum and their tracks!

  4. Thank you Paul for this fine selection from a great band. Keep on Rockin'.

  5. Ta, had a corrupt archive and this fixed it

  6. Thanks for keeping this blog alive. Much appreciated.