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Nth. Bulli Bush Band "Denizen" LP 1984

The Nth. Bulli Bush Band appears to have issued only this one LP. Its members were Johnny Spillane, Bruce Gawthorne, Bob Lind, Rob Fletcher and Bob Doyle.
This LP is a real mix of folk songs and instrumentals performed with great enthusiasm. A real touch of the Scottish here. The lead vocals are occasionally a bit thin but a trio, "Calico" (Leanne Robinson, Brenda Parker, and Anna Whelan), provides great backing vocals. Further music backing by Bob Manell on Mandola and Mandolin and Philippa Freitag on fiddle.
Great inner illustrations on the album cover.

Track List
1. Travelling Down the Castlereagh (Paterson's The Bushman's Song)
2. Reels: The Maid behind the Bar and The Escarpment.
3. Red Iron Ore (modern by Alan Musgrove)
4. Instrumentals with bagpipe lead - Gay Gordons, Barren Rocks of Aden, Scotland the Brave, and Campbell's Farewell to the Red Castle
5. Look Out Below (Charles Thatcher on the Goldfields 1850s)
6. Stringy Bark Creek (Australian traditional)
7. Dance Instrumentals - Devil among the Tailors and Drowsy Maggie
8. Bare-Legged Kate (John Dengate's song of his mother as a girl)
9. Polkas - Wombat, and Hawke
10. It's a Long Way to Cunnamulla (John Dengate's 1980s comment on the then Queensland state electoral system)
11. 93rd's Farewell to Gibraltar

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  1. This band worked sometimes 4/5 gigs a week in the early 80's between the Wilton Winery, Jamberoo Hotel, The Heritage at Bulli, Shoal Haven Heads Hotel and dances it organised in Coal Cliff Community Hall. Other venues included the Scarborough/Wombarra Bowlo as well as the Coledale S.L.S.C. Many dances were held in the hinterland behind the Illawarra escarpment,from shearing sheds to community halls. Missing from the above line up is Alan Musgrove, banjo/fiddle/guitar player who also brought a great sense of fun to the gigs with stories and jokes filling the gaps.

  2. The band did a second album, for the Wollongong Sequetanary[?] called Yesteryear. Mostly original songs, by Vince Brophy, Johnny Spillane, Bob Lind, Ron Peters, Bert McKnight, John Broomhall and C. Fitzpatrick. It was recorded at Wirra Wirra studios August 1984 and released on Currency Folk Records-CF004. There was a third album, of original Xmas songs, planned for Demtel Records? but the guys disbanded before that came to fruition. Pity- because there were some great songs being worked on. Ron Peters.

    1. Sesquicentenary - 150th anniversary, And thanks - I'll keep an eye out for that second album