Sunday, July 1, 2012

VA - "Come Listen to Australia" 1985 2LP boxed set (German)

I recently stumbled over this boxed 2 LP set. It was released on the German Teldec label in 1985 with extensive notes on both the music and Australia in both English and German. From the notes it appears that both Warren Fahey and the Australian Government contributed information and, quite possibly, encouragement for the release of the LP. Perhaps it was meant to be, at least in part, a tool to encourage possible migrants. The set features various Australian-based artists with a strong folk and protest flavour.  Possibly this set migrated to Australia as I can find no Australian references to the set. The second LP is a bit "iffy" in respect of some of the tracks which have not cleaned up as well as I would have liked so there are still some residual problems which detract in respect of three of the tracks. Because of this I have listed the two LPs seperately. I have also considered that LP1 is more in the remit of this blog but certainly LP2 is quite entertaining in its own right. There are a couple of errors in the listing of the tracks and artists in the booklet that came with the set, notably, Mike Jackson is listed as Michael Jackson; "10000 miles away" was reduced to just a 1000 miles and the Cathie O'Sullivan combo of "Nipper" and "Big Bill" (recently posted on the High Places album) is listed as one track and the notes give details about both but "Nipper" is not included on the LPs.

My scanning of the included booklet is a bit crude (too large for A4 scanner) but includes all the pictures and text. It's also a seperate download.

 LP1 Tracks
   01 - Wandjuk Marika - Didjeridu Solo                                                 
   02 - Phyl Lobl - No more boomerang                                                       
   03 - The Larrikins - Captain Cook                                                        
   04 - Christy Cooney - The Girls of the Shamrock Shore                                   
   05 - Dave de Hugard - The Tent Poles are Rotten                                          
   06 - Mike Jackson - The Teams                                                             
   07 - Currency - Come Listen                                                     
   08 - Dave de Hugard - 10000 Miles away                                                  
   09 - Justin Murphy - Wee Pot Stove                                                   
   10 - Cathie O'Sullivan - Norfolk Whalers                                               
   11 - Warren Fahey - Tumba~Bloody~Rumba                                                  
   12 - Cathie O'Sullivan - Bluey Brink                                                      
   13 - Mike Jackson - The Waterfall Waltz                                                      
   14 - Cast - Jindywaroback                                                                
   15 - Eric Bogle - The Great Australian Takeaway                                     
   16 - Geraldine Doyle - Stand on your Man

LP2 Tracks                                                 
   17 - Bernard Bolan - Australia Square                                                    
   18 - Cyril May - Mullimbimby Madness Millionaire                                        
   19 - Clem Parkinson - The Wimmins Ball                                                      
   20 - Lyell Sayer - F1~11                                                               
   21 - Chris Duffy - Aussie Medley                                                     
   22 - Jeannie Lewis - Red Dust                                                            
   23 - Black Diamond - The bloody company                                                    
   24 - Tactics - Buried Country                                                              
   25 - R U Ready - The Road to Noonkanbah                                                      
   26 - Cathie O'Sullivan - Big Bill                                                            
   27  - Phyl Lobl - Seasons of War                                                             
   28 - Eric Bogle - And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda

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  1. A very interesting post about a great album(s). Some less heard of artists among the well known ones and I particularly liked the inclusion of the didgeridoo. Just seems a little out of place in Germany, I wonder what the sales were! Thanks very much for posting this and for the trouble taken in cleaning it up.

  2. Paul from Brisbane has made the following pertinent comments:-
    The two tracks attributed to Mike Jackson are in fact Mike and Michelle before they went their separate ways, fom the Henry Lawson album.

    The Bogle track on LP 1 is more correctly entitled “The Great Aussie Takeaway”. Perhaps the authors thought your average German wouldn’t comprehend “Aussie”.

    Thanks for that, Paul