Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A.L. Lloyd "Across the Western Plains" Wattle LP 1958

Picture: Drovers on the stock route on the Old Man Plain near Hay
My mate Gonzo rescued and ripped this 1958 Wattle label LP after locating it in very poor condition in a shed. His notes about the recovery and the extent to which he went to make the LP playable are included in the downloadable album. H has gone to considerable effort for which I, and probably many of the blog readers, offer our thanks. This is truly a historical album.

"Bert" Lloyd was an Englishman who spent some years in Australia mainly working in the Lachlan area where he collected several Australian folk songs. He was also a prolific performer of  British Isles folk songs.

Wattle was an Australian record producer with a strong focus on Australian folk music (refer to the recent posting of  the 1957 "The Bushwhackers" Wattle LP or do a web search for more details if required). This was release D1. There are extensive notes on each track on the rear of the album cover.

This is by no means a "clean" rip but Gonzo has brought up the tracks to a very listenable standard and it is easy to overlook the occasional glitches.

The vocals are all by Lloyd but he is very ably backed by Peggy Seeger on banjo and guitar; Ralph Rinzler on mandolin; and John Cole on mouth organ. The rear of the cover advises "Words and a map of place names included" but that is missing. Additional:- Paul Edmund Zajaczkowski has a prime example of the LP which has the notation neatly crossed out and a stamped message added - "Words and Notes available from Wattle Recordings ...". He is also offering the LP or copying.

Side 1   
1. The Flash Stockman
2. Click Go the Shears
3. One of the Has-Beens
4. The Road to Gundagai (really Lazy Harry's - not to be confused with O'Hagan's "Along the Road to Gundagai)
5. The Maryborough Miner
6. South Australia
Side 2
7. Lachlan Tigers
8. The Shearer's Dream
9. Wallaby Stew
10. The Wild Rover
11. Bluey Brink
12. Across the Western Plains

Click here to download compressed album with cover graphics and notes 97Mb 320CBR
File will need to be decompressed. Send an email or make a comment if download link fails and I will re-up the file.


  1. Cannot load the file, could you kindly check to see if I am doing something wrong. Thanks for all your efforts in sharing this passion.

    1. As the note says "File will need to be decompressed". I'm presuming you are on a Windows platform - Google "7-ZIP" and download it and install but make sure you do not also download some additional unwanted software. It is free. Commercial offerings include WinRAR and WinZIP.

  2. I have located a brand new album after decades of searching for the Holy Grail. For anyone interested, it is available to copy for free if you are a connoisseur. It is an amazing find and comes from the estate of The Maestro, Tommy Tycho!

  3. I have located a brand new album after years of searching. From the estate of The Maestro, Tommy Tycho. Available for free to copy for lovers of OZ folk.

    1. Hello Paul. I would love to have a clean copy but I am not in Sydney. Do you need someone to do the copying? mr.stockman@gmail.com

  4. Check my facebook page for why the words are possibly not missing! I posted a photo of part of the rear of the album cover on instructions on the words.

  5. Paul,
    Did you get this clean rip?
    My friend in Tassie is very interested.
    Mike (gonzo)

    1. I have just noticed that I never got an answer to this one. Pity.