Sunday, December 20, 2015

Tina Lawton - Audio from ABC TV "Tina Lawton Interludes" 1965

We have rather a good Christmas present facilitated by Michael of Adelaide. Many, many thanks!

In 1965, the ABC Adelaide produced a number of 10 minute fillers entitled "The Tina Lawton Interludes" which were broadcast nationally on ABC TV in popular time slots.

The ABC provided Tina with audio of the tracks featured in these Interludes and she provided copies to a limited number of friends including Michael's family. Michael has provided a rip of the cassette in his possession. Obviously the quality is what should be expected of 1965 TV audio and cassette tape technology (just three years old) but, with a little cleaning, the tracks have come up a good listening standard.

Now, if only some kind soul with ABC access could locate the original TV films?? Anyone? What a prize that would be.

You will notice that some of these tracks feature on her three albums previously posted. The ones I checked are different performances.

01 - The  Lowlands of Holland
02 - Bonny Ship The Diamond
03 - The Water is wide
04 - Raggle Taggle Gypsies
05 - Strawberry Fair
06 - Barbara Allen
07 - The Tailor and the Mouse
08 - Moreton Bay
09 - My last Farewell to Stirling
10 - Derby Ram
11 - What have They done to the Rain
12 - When I was young
13 - The whispering poplar tree (My guess as to the title)
14 - Trotting to the Fair
15 - She moved through the Fair
16 - Spanish Lady
17 - Cuckoo Song
18 - Welsh Lament
19 - Blacksmith Song
20 - Early one morning
21 - Mr McQuire (usually McGuire but this title appeared on here first LP)
22 - Spinning Wheel
23 - Molly Malone

Commence downloading compressed file by clicking here. 65Mb. MP3 VBR 224-256.
Let know if download no longer available and I will put it back up.


  1. Thanks Stocks, sounds pretty good!

  2. Thanks for this one, Paul and Michael, and have a good Christmas.