Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Links for aspiring folk musicians

A visitor to the blog has recommended two websites which may well be of interest to those of you who wish to to participate in the performance of folk music.

The first of these is the Victorian Folk Music Club (VFMC). Their Fireside Fiddlers (collected tunes)  section will be of interest to some of our visitors. I know next to nothing about this club but it looks very interesting.

The second is the New South Wales based Bush Traditions which also has some great material - some in common with the VFMC. I have been to one of their intimate gatherings and had a great time.

I would welcome any other suggestions.

Additional: Check comments for contact for a Blue Mountains based gathering.


  1. Every Thursday a group of us meet at Leura in the Blue Mountains and play Australian Collected Music. If people are interested they can contact Kerry on 0409600949 for more info.

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