Saturday, May 9, 2020

Sligo Maid "Lass" Cassette stereo 1993

And yet another rip from the Victorian Bush Folkie. Again many thanks.
Sligo Maid was a popular Newcastle, New South Wales, band which regularly performed at the Lass O' Gowrie Hotel. Its members were: –
Susan Carson – vocals, violin, mandolin, guitar.
Cathy Cox – vocals, piano accordion, keyboards, tin whistle.
Peter Tarren – vocals, guitar.
Dave Marshall – drums and vocals.
John (Babalooboo) Gottery – vocals and bass.
Grant Fraser – Lead guitar and vocals.

I understand that this band was fairly versatile but the content of this album is very definitely in the folk rock style. Steeleye Span is a group that readily comes to mind when listening to this album. Do not let this put you off because they are very good at what they are doing.

1. Hard times of old England
2. Rocky road medley (Rocky Road to Dublin and the Galway races)
3. Sligo Maid
4. Let her go down.
5. All around my hat
6. Mooncoin Jig
7. Woman of Ireland (not to be confused with O'Riada's Women of Ireland)
8. The Whale.

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In either case, you will be downloading a compressed (Zip) file you will probably need to decompress to play the music and to see the included graphics.
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  1. Great music and, somehow, different from the likes of Steeleye Span whom you mentioned in your notes. I'm very happy to listen to this album and - in general - to discover and get acquainted to the Australian folk music offered by this blog. Thanks!

  2. thanks mate. love folk rock.