Friday, August 7, 2020

Gordon McIntyre & Kate Delaney "Blackwaterside" LP Stereo 1981

"Tassie" Ian provided the rip of this album. I have had rips previously, including one of my own, but they have not been of a sufficient quality for putting on the Blog.

Gordon and Kate are well known in Australian folk music circles and I am pleased to finally bring this album to your attention. Overall the music has cleaned up very well but there are a couple of production or editing or production problems I could not fix but only one of those will stand out. The vocals are somewhat overwhelmed by backing music in "Green Rushes"

We have a mix here of English, Irish, Scottish, and Australian and one forebitter. All of you will find something to enjoy here.

The graphics include words for all the songs on the album.

Tracklist: 1. Lassie wi' the yellow coatie. 2. Alan McLean. 3. Fisherrow. 4.Poor ditching boy. 5. Blackwaterside. 6. The Bullgine Run. 7. The lost Sailor. 8.The cork leg. 9. Green Rushes. 10. My love is like a red red rose. 11. Currency Lasses.

Each upload is a single compressed file which need to be decompressed to extract the music and graphics files.

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Saturday, May 9, 2020

Sligo Maid "Lass" Cassette stereo 1993

And yet another rip from the Victorian Bush Folkie. Again many thanks.
Sligo Maid was a popular Newcastle, New South Wales, band which regularly performed at the Lass O' Gowrie Hotel. Its members were: –
Susan Carson – vocals, violin, mandolin, guitar.
Cathy Cox – vocals, piano accordion, keyboards, tin whistle.
Peter Tarren – vocals, guitar.
Dave Marshall – drums and vocals.
John (Babalooboo) Gottery – vocals and bass.
Grant Fraser – Lead guitar and vocals.

I understand that this band was fairly versatile but the content of this album is very definitely in the folk rock style. Steeleye Span is a group that readily comes to mind when listening to this album. Do not let this put you off because they are very good at what they are doing.

1. Hard times of old England
2. Rocky road medley (Rocky Road to Dublin and the Galway races)
3. Sligo Maid
4. Let her go down.
5. All around my hat
6. Mooncoin Jig
7. Woman of Ireland (not to be confused with O'Riada's Women of Ireland)
8. The Whale.

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Friday, May 8, 2020

Bandicoots Band "Brisbane Ladies" Cassette (date unknown)

The Victorian Bush Folkie generously provided this cassette rip. Thanks again.

I know nothing about this Band other that it is not to be confused with the folk music pioneers The Bushwackers and Bandicoots Band.

The track list is, with the exception of The Ballad of New Orleans, a stock repertoire of many of the more popular Australian folk songs and instrumentals.

The Band's performance is competent and entertaining and the album is well produced.

The cassette was of good quality and there was very little need for editing.

You have a choice of flac (lossless) or MP3 (256-320VBR) tracks as listed below. Each option comes as a ZIP file and should be decompressed  to extract the album tracks and cassette graphics.

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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Smiths Gully Band "About Time" LP 1981

Another offering fromTassie Ian that I had overlooked before. Many thanks Ian.
I have been absent for a while with continuing health issues so I apologise for my lack of activity. Now with winter and the Covid19 isolation, I will be attempting to put up some more music.
This album is a somewhat eclectic grouping of songs and instrumental tracks. Some of the songs have been penned by members of the band but they are definitely in a folky style and quite enjoyable.
The album is obviously not a sophisticated production but I do not find that much of an issue other than the vocals are sometimes a little overwhelmed by the instrumentation.
I was surprised and delighted to discern the inclusion of a french horn in the instrumentation. It worked well.

The members of the band, pictured here at Smiths Gully Cemetery are:-
Norm Adams on fiddle;
Raynor Balfour on mandolin, flute, tin whistle, accordian, piano, abd 5 string banjo;
Keith O.Lawrie - guitar and vocals
John Rasmussen - guitars 6 and 12 string, 5 string banjo and vocals;
Marshall Webb - bodhran, concertina, lagerphone, and fence paling.; and
Bill Gallicher - band mixer and knob twiddler.

AND with some help from friends Belinda Cody, Butterfly Bertram and Alex Grieve with vocals, snare drum, washboard and french horn.

1, The old grey goose (instrumental)
2, Fitzroy St Lady (Rasmussen)V (Fitzroy St, ST Kilda)
3. Davey Douglas (Lawrie)
4. Instrumental medley - musical priest, Bob Caseys, and trim the velvet.
5.The back  blocks shearer.
6. Bakery Hill (Rasmussen)
7. The Road to Lisdoonvarna*
8. Lonegans widow (Silverstein)
9. Hello Stranger (Lawrie)

* Liner notes doubt the existence of Lisdoonvarna. It is a small town in County Clare which used to host a music festival about which Christy Moore wrote the song "Lisdoonvarna".

The album and its graphics have been incorporated into ZIP files which should be decompressed before playing.

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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Currency "First Exchange ~ Rocking Australian Folk" LP 1982

The rip of this album was provided by the Victorian Bush Folkie. It has cleaned up well,

Currency (not to be confused with the Currency Lads group featured elsewhere on this blog) was a Canberra based folk group.

Obviously a talented group of musicians who like to venture into folk rock with both skill and enthusiasm.

They even have a condensed and modified version of the "The Bastard of the Bush" aka "The Captain of the Push" suitable for play in mixed company. It hangs together pretty well. And they even have some tracks featuring the less seen songs.

1. Bluey Brink
2. I know who is sick
3. The Miner
4. Hangman Noose
5. Death of Dan Morgan
6. Bastard from the bush
7. Come Listen
8. Wreck of the Amphitrite
9. Double Dissolution (instrumental)
10, Labouring with the hoe
11. Cuckoo's Nest (with a bit of "Navvy on the Line")

The two files below are compressed "zip" files which need to decompressed before playing. Choose one or the other format. Graphics are included.
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Friday, September 13, 2019

Robbie Brock with Dougie Maclean "On the Blooming Queensland Side - Old Songs and New Songs about Australia" LP 1988

This rip was provided by Tassie Ian and I have only done a modicum of editing.

According to the rear of the LP slip, Robbie Brock is a born and bred Queenslander who obviously found his way to Scotland where he recorded this album at the studio of Scottish folk singer Dougie Maclean and it sounds like Dougie also provided some instrumental backing.

A Narelle Nugent also sings one of the tracks and appears to provides occasional vocal backing.  Both Narelle and Robbie are unknown to me.

To all appearances there was ample and varied instrumental backing but no details are advised.

The album was produced by Warren Fahey's Larrikin label. The music is a mixed lot of both songs and instrumentals. Not that impressive an album but the first track has captured my interest.

1.  The Blooming Queensland Side
2. Spirit of Erin  (In the spirit of  'Dennis O'Reilly')
3. Didjeree
4. September Below
5. Birds on the Track
6. Zig Zag Lady
7. Sad Song Currawong
8. Isle of Skye (just about love of the Isle - no Prince Charlie)
9. The Hat Man's Lament
10. Two Professional Hums
11. Didjereetoo

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Friday, May 17, 2019

The Good Time Bush Band "At Parmy's Woolshed Berrima" 1981 LP

Another good album from Tassie Ian; Nice and clean thus requiring only basic cleaning.
Berrima is a lovely, historic little village in the NSW Southern Highlands highly dependent on tourism.

Parmy's Woolshed was previously unknown to me but apparently it was licensed from 1978 to 1990 in the category "theatres and public halls".

Likewise, I had never heard of this group before. Nevertheless, their performances on this album are competent, lively and entertaining. The members are identified by their names as Parmy, Lindsay, Rick, Rod, Tim, Willie and Bob. Their signatures add a little more. Parmy is possibly a Nev Parmenter. Lindsay may be a Lindsay Martin, and Rod appears to have the family name of Johnson. Tim is clearly Timothy Lee and Bob is Bob Piggott.  There is nothing further for Rick and Willie. Information to will be very welcome.

1. Good Time (group intro. song)
2. Billy of Tea
3. Flash Jack from Gundagai
4. Whispering Castle Music
5. Murshin Durkin (sic)
6. Let's do something cheap and superficial
7. Can't get the stuff no more
8. Twofold Bay
9. Wild Rover
10. The Cockies of  Bungaree
11. Wild wood flower (sic)/Skip to my lou
12. The rye buck shearer (sic)
13. Are you kissing more now
14. With my swag all on my shoulder

Below, click on whichever version prefer. All graphics including an inner graphic are included. Tracks and graphics are in a Zip file which must be decompressed.
Flac (lossless) version 241MB
MP3 version 256-320 VBR 71MB

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Enjoy the music

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Raglan Road - Untitled LP c1980

Tassie Ian provided the material for this LP. Many thanks. Good clean tracks which needed only a medium level of cleaning.

Raglan Road mainly performed in Sydney venues from 1979 into the '80s. This was the first of their albums - an EMI custom production.   The release year is unknown to me but it precedes the subsequent 1983 re-release of the album by Larriken Records with the addition of a title - "Irish Folk Songs" (In fact it is an eclectic mix of Irish, English, Scottish songs along with their versions of "The Lachlan Tigers" and the USA "Coal Tattoo).

The band was then composed  0f four members, namely, two Irish expats Martin Doherty and Jim Donnelly, a Scottish lass Kirsty McCallum, and one Tom Minogue about which I can find nothing. (He has been recorded as a Tom Manogue on Discogs and elsewhere but I suspect that this is an error brought by the elaborate calligraphy on the rear of the LP cover.) Can anyone help with this gentleman? He was not in the band in its later years.

They were obviously good performers. I would have loved to have seen a live performance.

One of our kind visitors has pointed out that there is a Raglan Road Reunion site. Click Here to visit it. There is a lot of history and also a CD and a DVD available to purchase.

1. Coal Tattoo
2. Rambling Irishman
3. We're Alive
4. Church street ~ Blackrock  Polka medley (instrumental)
5. Fear An Bhata
6. Lachlan Tigers
7. Broom o'Cowden Knowes
8, A piper's prayer (instrumental)
9. Blackleg Miner
10. The town I loved so well
11. Sally free and easy
12. Anathea
13. The Old Triangle

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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Larrikin Records "Waltzing Matilda: Songs of the Australian Bush" LP 1980 CD 1990

LP Cover 1980
CD cover 1990
Ian from Tasmania recently sent me a rip of, and graphics for, Larrikin Records LR118 "Seven Creeks Run" which I did a fair bit of work on even though the graphics and tracks seemed very familiar. Well, familiarity with the tracks was not a big issue because it was obviously a compilation of tracks from previous Larrikin albums. To cut a long story short, I eventually identified that I had, many years ago, copied a borrowed CD which was actually a 1990 re-release on CD but titled "Waltzing Matilda: Songs of the Australian Bush".

So here, somewhat belatedly, are FLAC and MP3 files from the CD issue. It is possible that regular downloaders already have most if not all of the tracks from LPs previously featured in this blog but here is your chance to get clean, unmodified copies.

Otherwise, this album can serve as a very good sampler for the featured artists.

Incidentally, The 1981 ABC-Larrikin 2LP set "While the Billy Boils" is in a similar vein to this album.

Tracklist with performers:
1. The Flash Stockman - Danny Spooner
2. The New Chum Shearer - Jacko Kevans
3. Song of the Artesian Waters - Cathie O'Sullivan
4.Ballad of the Kelly Gang - Dave de Hugard
5. Girls of the Ivory/Manchester Gallop - Mike and Michelle Jackson
6. The fire at Ross's Farm - Ted Simpson
7. Tumba-Bloody-Rumba - Warren Fahey
8. Seven Creeks Schottische- The Larrikins
9. Bluey Brink - Cathie O'Sullivan
10. The red-hot Wood stove - Bushwackers
11. Flash Jack the shearer - Trevor Shearston
12. The Free Selector's daughter - Mike and Michelle Jackson
13. One of the has-beens - Warren Fahey
14. Click go the shears - Martyn Wyndham-Read
15. The Ryebuck Shearer - Wild Colonial Boys
16. The Springtime it brings on the shearing - Dave de Hugard
17. Waltzing Matilda (Queensland version) - A.L. Lloyd

Make your choice of download below by clicking on your favoured version - lossless FLAC or MP3.
You will download one compressed file containing the tracks and the graphics. You will need to decompress the file to get to the contents.
Download FLAC version (274MB)
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Monday, October 29, 2018

LeGarde Twins "Ballads of the Bushlands" LP 1960s

Tom and Ted LeGarde, identical twins, were born into a large sugarcane farming family near MacKay, Queensland, Australia in 1931. Apparently, they were inspired at an early age by both country music combined with Hopalong Cassidy films. At age 15, they either joined the rodeo circuit as "cowboys" or went west to become jackaroos. Possibly, both stories are pure fiction created to later provide greater credit as C&W singers especially in America.

By 1947, at the age of 16, they became part of the Buddy Williams  Wild West Show so they were obviously accomplished musicians by then. They also toured with other traveling shows often billed as the "Yodelling Stockmen". Such troupes always appeared at the major Agricultural Shows and  also the then limited rodeo circuit and selected country agricultural shows.

They signed with Rodeo Records from 1950 to 1952, and in the latter year they also signed up with a manager who reportedly help them to polish up their act and encouraged personal development. They went on to release a number of hit records with Regal Zonophone Records. In late 1954, they arranged to meet William Boyd, the Hopalong Cassidy actor, when he toured Australia. Boyd hired them to be part of his highly successful Australian tour. Boyd was to keep in touch with the twins which inspired them to try their luck in America.

They arrived in California in 1957 and, helped by their connections, they gained a reasonable degree of popularity. This featured album was produced in probably 1960 or 1961 and was directed at the American audience. The twins returned to Australia in 1963 with some limited success. In 1965, they again went to the USA and, from 1973, they began a three-year period with the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas.

They continued with their involvement in the world of Country and Western Music in the USA up to 2010. If interested, google the "LeGarde Twins" to see a documentary and other information about them. Sadly, Ted LeGarde died in August 2018.

This album features 13 tracks; mostly  traditionals. I cannot identify when it was produced but, in 1960, there was a reel-to-reel tape release under the same same with 11 of the tracks. This LP added two further tracks, namely, their slightly modified version of Marie Cowan's 1910 version of "Waltzing Matilda" and the theme song from the 1957 film "Shiralee", supposedly a word meaning "burden" but the twins changed the title and their pronunciation  to "Sherilee".  I presume that they were mistaken. The film was an adaption from a D'Arcy Niland novel of the name. For those unfamiliar with the film, the central male character, played by Peter Finch, was a swagman traveling between different jobs and he ends up taking his young daughter, "Buster", on the track with him. She thus becomes his burden, of course, in a nice way as it turns out.

"Dreamtime for Jedda" is from the soundtrack of the 1954 film "Jedda".

1. Waltzing Matilda (modified Cowan version)
2. The Shearers' Jamboree
3. Rover no more (Wild Rover)
4. The Ned Kelly Song (Ned Kelly was born in a ramshackle shack)
5. Stockman's last bed
6. Across the western plains
7. Cooee call
8. Ooleera
9. Click go the shears
10. The Dying Stockman
11. Sherilee (Shiralee)
12. The Murray Moon
13. Dreamtime for Jedda

We owe a vote of thanks to Ian of Tasmania for providing a good copy from this LP and its graphics. The LP was stereo and if you are wondering why the files are so small, it is because that the musical backing is just the guitars played by the twins - simple sound structure leads to smaller files.

This is an album collectible more for historical interest than great listening reasons but it has itrs charms. It has easily cleaned-up well.

Download the compressed album by clicking on your choice below of lossless FLAC or  256-320VBR MP3 versions  both including cover graphics. Remember you need to decompress either files to get the music and graphic files.
Download link for the FLAC (lossless) version 107MB
Download link for the 256-320VBR MP3 version 33MB

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