Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dave Isom "In Possum Land" CD 2012

Sorry folks; this is not a download. This CD will be officially launched at 7:30pm on Friday 21 December 2012 at the Newport Bowls Club premises (Melbourne) and can also be purchased from Dave Isom by contacting him by eMail at Price $25.

Further details are available from the Newport Fiddle and Folk Club website. Apparently Dave will soon be yachting around Australia and possibly overseas later on. Visit this site for a report on his intended travel.

Dave Isom was a founding member of both the Bushwackers (then as the Bushwackers and Bullockies Band) and The Sundowners. He has advised me that he still has some unreleased Bushwackers and Bullockies material which he is considering releasing.
It's pleasing to see this great mix of old country ballads and folk songs.

Good luck Dave with both the CD and your adventures!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Sundowners "Colonial Classics" 1981.

Original CDs. LPs and cassettes available
I have had a few queries over the years from persons seeking original material from the Sundowners. Well, the good news is that Mick Slocum, one of the members of the Sundowners (and also a Bushwacker for a time), has now advised that he still has some CDs, LPs and cassettes of the Sundowners "Colonial Classics" available for sale.

Price $20 Australian plus nominal postage and packing costs. Mick can be contacted at

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lionel Long "Today" LP 1967

Lionel Long put out this album in 1967 after returning to Australia from a stint spent in Europe. It's a bit of an eclectic mix mainly of (then) contemporary folk and popular music.
I recently discovered a copy of this LP - a World Record Club re-issue - which accounts for the rather bland cover shown here. (can anyone provide a copy of the original cover?)

The tracks are:-
1. The Piney Wood Hills written and originally performed by the outstanding Amerind performer Buffy Sainte-Marie.
2. Dancing Distance from Mason Williams and John Stewart.
3. Love Minus Zero by Bob Dylan
4. Flowers of Peace - Penned by Pete Seeger to fit the tune of the Scottish folk song "Wild Mountain Thyme" aka "Will ye go, lassie, go"
5. Follow the Wind - a 1965 composition by the then 18 or 19 year old Barry Gibb (of the Bee Gees) and originally recorded by them in 1965 as the B side of a 45rpm single (despite claims that Lionel Long was the first to record this this song). Lionel does a great job on this track and it is definitely in the contemporary folk genre of the 1960s.
6. Many a Mile by Patrick Style
7. Them Poems - Mason Williams wrote and performed several short comedic songs which were collectively known as "Them Poems". Lionel performs five of these, namely. Stamp Lickers, Banjo Pickers, Toad  Suckers, Sportcarers, and Hors d'oeuvres.
8. Life Song another by Mason Williams much admired by Lionel Long.
9. Alberta - a modern reworking of a traditional Afro-American song.
10. Blind Men Wander by Peter Best (Australian composer)
11. The Marvellous Clouds by the American poet/songwriter/singer so popular in the 1960s, Rod McKuen. (My preference would be for other Rod McKuen songs)
12. Less of Me by Glen Campbell. It was a hit in Australia in 1966 for Gail Martin, daughter of Dean Martin.
13. Come the Time - another by Peter Best
14. A Repco Brabham Car - A comedy piece penned by Lionel.
15. The Green Years - Lionel wrote this largely autobiographical song straight from the heart.

 Definitely not your usual Lionel Long fare but nevertheless very entertaining. My favourite is "Follow the Wind".

Download with graphics MP3  @ 224-256 VBR 65Mb
From MediaFire

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Denis Gibbons "Folk Songs of Australia vol 2 - Immigrants, Gold Miners and Bushrangers" LP 1966

We have been missing this one for a long time. At last, I am in possession of a well-preserved copy of this 1966 LP. Volumes 1 and 3 of this series have previously been posted on this blog.
This LP needed very little editing and has come up very well for such an old one.
The tracks are:-
1. South Australia
2. The Miner
3. The Hut that's upside down
4. The Old Palmer Song
5. Look out Below
6. Plains of Emu
7. Denis O'Reilly
8. Frank Gardiner
9. Wild Colonial Boy
10. Nine miles from Gundagai
11. Tambaroora Gold
12. Ballad of Kelly's Gang

Download with Graphics MP3 @224-256 56Mb
From MediaFire

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Bushwackers "Lively" LP 1984

This LP was recorded live at the Revesby Workers Club in Sydney in 1984. At that time, the members of the band were Dobe Newton, Roger Corbett, Tommy Emmanuel, Danny Bourke, Tony O'Neill, and Freddy Strauks. Although the LP features only 12 tracks, it contains about one hour of music as there are some extra instumental segments in some tracks. Overall, the LP used was in very good condition; the one exception being some sibilation on "And the Band played Waltzing Matilda".

Each side features unbroken continuous performances, that is, there is no gap between tracks so I have ripped the LP simply as side 1 and side 2. If you feel it necessary, you can break the sides down into the individual tracks.

Side one features, in order, Lime Juice Tub, Lazy Harry's, Marijuana Australia, Murrumbidgee (instrumental), When the Rain Tumbles down in July, and And the Band played Waltzing Matilda.

Side two, in order is, When Brittania ruled the Waves, Les Darcy, 1-2-3-4, Beneath the Southern Cross, Wall of Death, and Waltzing Matilda (Queensland version).

Download with Graphics MP3 @ 224-256VBR abt 100Mb
From MediaFire
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Monday, October 15, 2012

Spindlewood "Face the Wind" CD 1991

This was Spindlewood's second album; this time issued on CD in 1991. It has long been "out of print". With this album the principal performers were Toni Griffiths, Bob Hefner, Loani McRae, Wayne Collins and Jesse Rowan (then known as Cathleen Moran). The CD also acknowledges contributions from five other musicians.
This album is less focused on traditional folk than the first and there is a bit of a Celtic, New Age feel to it, however, it features some really great harmony and musical performances. Smooth, sophisticated and disciplined are three adjectives that spring to mind. This is an album that is far broader than its folk roots. Even your folk-hating friends will enjoy this one.

The tracks are:-
  1. Southern Land - W. Collins
  2. Fear a Bhata - Trad
  3. All the Ships - Tony Griffiths
  4. Land of Light - Roy Gullane
  5. Island Spinning Song - Trad
  6. Plant Your Fields - W. Waldman
  7. O'Carolan's Ramble to Cashel - T. O'Carolan
  8. Weave and Mend - M. Trup/A. Cameron
  9. Morrison's Jig/Water Bearer - trad/S. Oldfield
  10. My Father's Coat - Tony Griffiths
  11. The Water Lily - Henry Lawson/ Priscilla Herdman
  12. Common Load - Tony Griffiths
Download tracks and graphics
from MediaFile
from ZippyShare

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Quintessence "Songs for a Winter's Night" CD 1997

This Quintessence is a South Australian group which formed in the 1990s and comprising Peter Day, Lyn Hynd, Diana McGregor, Michael McGregor and  Tricia Smylie. The album title, of course, comes from Gordon Lightfoot's brilliant ballad "Song for a Winter's Night". They do a very good performance of that track perhaps influenced by Harry Belafonte's poignant version recorded as "The Hands I Love".
I know very little about this group other than what appears on the CD information and I have previously collected a track of theirs not featured on this CD. Any further information would be very welcome as they have a very good folky sound.

The tracks are:-
1. These Coal Town Days
2. From the Lambing to the Wool
3.  Carry me like a fire in your heart.
4. Will ye gang Love
5. Trouble in the fields
6. Too close to the wind
7.  Singing Land
8. Song for a Winter's Night
9. Redwing Blackbird
10. My Love
11. Send me back to Georgia
12. Leaving the land
13. Black Diamonds
14. Requim for the giant trees
15 Children of Africa

Download all tracks and graphics MP3 @256-320 VBR
From Zippyshare
From MediaFire

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Spindlewood Self-titled LP 1988

In 1987, the Canberra-based duo of Wayne Collins and Cathleen Moran, cut the first Spindlewood album featuring a mix of traditional and authored folk songs (there are even three tracks available for Child Ballad collectors). They were aided in this by a number of musicians variously providing backing on the twelve album tracks and also by Bob Hefner as lead vocalist on "Hard Times". (participants listed in the LP artwork). There have been two subsequent albums by a much enlarged Spindlewood but this album has long been "out of print" and unavailable for purchase. Cathleen Moran now goes by the name of Jesse Rowan and web details are available under that name. 
This is a delightful LP with strong performances both vocally and musically by all participants. There are two covers of Australian authored works namely Eric Bogle's "Safe in the Harbour" and Judy Small's "Mary Parker's Lament".

The tracks are:-
1. Gone to America (Steeleye Span)
2. Talk about Suffering (trad)
3. Bells of Norwich (Sydney Carter)
4. Night Visiting Song (trad)
5. A-Soalin' (Paul Stookey and others)
6. Safe in the Harbour (Eric Bogle)
7.Mary Parker's Lament (Judy Small)
8. Hard Times (Stephen Foster)
9. Twa Corbies (trad)
10. Jock O'  Hazeldean (trad)
11. Queen of Argyll (A.M. Stewart)
12. Blue Eyes (for Peter) (W. Collins)

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VA - "Come Listen to Australia" 1985 2LP boxed set (German)

I recently stumbled over this boxed 2 LP set. It was released on the German Teldec label in 1985 with extensive notes on both the music and Australia in both English and German. From the notes it appears that both Warren Fahey and the Australian Government contributed information and, quite possibly, encouragement for the release of the LP. Perhaps it was meant to be, at least in part, a tool to encourage possible migrants. The set features various Australian-based artists with a strong folk and protest flavour.  Possibly this set migrated to Australia as I can find no Australian references to the set. The second LP is a bit "iffy" in respect of some of the tracks which have not cleaned up as well as I would have liked so there are still some residual problems which detract in respect of three of the tracks. Because of this I have listed the two LPs seperately. I have also considered that LP1 is more in the remit of this blog but certainly LP2 is quite entertaining in its own right. There are a couple of errors in the listing of the tracks and artists in the booklet that came with the set, notably, Mike Jackson is listed as Michael Jackson; "10000 miles away" was reduced to just a 1000 miles and the Cathie O'Sullivan combo of "Nipper" and "Big Bill" (recently posted on the High Places album) is listed as one track and the notes give details about both but "Nipper" is not included on the LPs.

My scanning of the included booklet is a bit crude (too large for A4 scanner) but includes all the pictures and text. It's also a seperate download.

 LP1 Tracks
   01 - Wandjuk Marika - Didjeridu Solo                                                 
   02 - Phyl Lobl - No more boomerang                                                       
   03 - The Larrikins - Captain Cook                                                        
   04 - Christy Cooney - The Girls of the Shamrock Shore                                   
   05 - Dave de Hugard - The Tent Poles are Rotten                                          
   06 - Mike Jackson - The Teams                                                             
   07 - Currency - Come Listen                                                     
   08 - Dave de Hugard - 10000 Miles away                                                  
   09 - Justin Murphy - Wee Pot Stove                                                   
   10 - Cathie O'Sullivan - Norfolk Whalers                                               
   11 - Warren Fahey - Tumba~Bloody~Rumba                                                  
   12 - Cathie O'Sullivan - Bluey Brink                                                      
   13 - Mike Jackson - The Waterfall Waltz                                                      
   14 - Cast - Jindywaroback                                                                
   15 - Eric Bogle - The Great Australian Takeaway                                     
   16 - Geraldine Doyle - Stand on your Man

LP2 Tracks                                                 
   17 - Bernard Bolan - Australia Square                                                    
   18 - Cyril May - Mullimbimby Madness Millionaire                                        
   19 - Clem Parkinson - The Wimmins Ball                                                      
   20 - Lyell Sayer - F1~11                                                               
   21 - Chris Duffy - Aussie Medley                                                     
   22 - Jeannie Lewis - Red Dust                                                            
   23 - Black Diamond - The bloody company                                                    
   24 - Tactics - Buried Country                                                              
   25 - R U Ready - The Road to Noonkanbah                                                      
   26 - Cathie O'Sullivan - Big Bill                                                            
   27  - Phyl Lobl - Seasons of War                                                             
   28 - Eric Bogle - And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wallis and Matilda - "Banjo" Paterson Tribute Band

I've had a recent request for music from the "Wallis and Matilda" group. I do happen to have some of their material - the CD set of their first three albums "Pioneers", "Old Australian Ways" and "Singer of the Bush". They are a "Banjo" Paterson tribute band performing his songs and also singing their arrangements of his poems. As far as I know the band is still active. Regardless, all their material is still readily available for purchase either at retailers or by order from themselves or the Planet Company.
They are actually very good at what they do. The two web sites of interest are the Wallis and Matilda Website and the Planet Company Wallis and Matilda section.
Some of their output is also on iTunes and YouTube.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Bushwackers "Dance Album" LP 1980 (Graphics Only)

These graphics have been kindly provided by a new Tasmanian visitor. Many thanks for your kindness.

I am not posting any of the tracks with these graphics. For those who wish to recreate the album, the relevant tracks are all on CD3 of the previously presented Bushwackers set. You can go to that posting by clicking on here.
Leave out the first two tracks and simply renumber the rest in the same order.

You have two options for obtaining these graphics. For smaller graphics, "right click" on each graphic and select save image and proceed from there.For larger graphics, use this Download link. (Only 1.3Mb)

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Cathie O'Sullivan with Cleis Pearce - "High Places" LP 1983

.Wav files of this album were kindly provided by one of our NSW visitors. Many thanks for your continuing support. Larrikin produced the LP as LRF-128.

Cathie has appeared on compilations in this blog before but this is the first LP presented here. (anyone got a good copy of her 1980 "Atesian Waters" LP -  pretty please) Cathie is a very highly regarded singer and musician performing mainly in an Irish celtic style which is very much in evidence on this album. I did not have access to the LP graphics and the included ones were found on, of all places, a Japanese website. In the absence of the LP notes, I have no idea what the first part of track 6 featuring an aboriginal language monologue nor do I know who the speaker was. Presumably, it leads into the second part of track 6 which is about uranium mining and its effects on the indigenous inhabitants. Can anyone provide better graphics or better information. Otherwise, all vocals are by Cathie O'Sullivan on harp or banjo with Cleis Pearce on viola.

Track List:
    A01. Erus / O'Sullivan, arr. O'Sullivan, Pearce (2:53)
    A02. Stoney town, Eileen Curran / Nielson, O'Sullivan (2:37)
    A03. Keeping so thin / Nielson, O'Sullivan, Pearce (3:07)
    A04. The orange tree / Nielson, O'Sullivan (3:27)
    A05. King of the fairies, Miss Patterson / trad. arr. O'Sullivan (2:45)
    A06. Nipper, Big Bill / T. Piper (7:06)
             Posted as tracks 6a and 6b respectively.
    B01. As stock go by / Morant, Tate, arr. O'Sullivan, Pearce (3:27)
    B02. There's anguish / Hewitt, O'Sullivan (3:45)
    B03. Lovely Dolly / trad. arr. O'Sullivan, Pearce (7:19)
    B04. The red rose top / trad. arr. O'Sullivan (2:45)
    B05. Farewell to music / O'Carolan, arr. O'Sullivan (2:35)
    B06. Leaving / O'Sullivan, arr. O'Sullivan, Pearce (2:53).

All tracks MP3. Music tracks @ 192-224 VBR. Track 6a at 128 CBR (monologue).

Previously listed with MediaFire and provoked the following response:-
The file you requested has been removed from MediaFire for a violation of our Terms of Service.
Further information from MediaFire identifes that the claim of distribution rights is only in respect of "Lovely Molly" and my guess is that some idiot at Muso TNT Limited (an anti-piracy organisation) has guessed that I am sharing the 2011 movie "Lovely Molly".  The ironic thing about that is that it is a traditional song.

Download from ZippyShare (new link)

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Gary Shearston - Music available for purchase online

A visitor recently noted that I have not listed any of the several albums by the excellent Australian folksinger Gary Shearston. As I explained to him, this was because all his LP albums, others than those featuring track re-issues, are readily available for purchase online on CD or CDR. As the visitor rightly suggested, I should bring this to general attention. Additionally, he has also released a 2 CD anthology featuring 42 of his most popular tracks which looks to be very good value.

The above graphic is the cover of his first album (1964)

Visit his website here
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Friday, February 17, 2012

Martyn Wyndham-Read "Ballad Singer" German LP 1978

We've previously published work by this fine English folk singer who once made his home in Australia and has also been a constant visitor to our shores. He is still a regular performer. His interest in Australian bush and folk music continues.
This album is a 1978 German publication which provides music and lyrics for many of the tracks. The extensive notes on the rear and the LP insert are in both English and German.

A kind person, George, provided this album to my friend Gonzo who has lovingly ripped and cleaned the music and then gave the result to me for publication on this blog.  Many thanks George and Gonzo. (Click here to visit Gonzo's great blog)

Please note: Files are tagged as 1968 in error. If it matters to you, retag as 1978.

Track List
1. Broken Down Squatter
2. Widgegoara Joe
3. The Stockman's Last Bed
4. The Old Palmer Song
5. Bitter Whaling Ground
6. Euabalong Ball
7. I Drew my Ship
8. Flash Jack from Gundagai
9. Garten Mother's Lullaby
10. Dennis O'Reilly
11. Ballad of the Drover
12. Lord Franklin
13. Last Farewell to Sterling

Download with graphics MP3 CBR 320 94Mb
From MediaFire
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Halliards - Untitled LP - 1960s

I know very little about this band but they brought out this LP in Australia in the late 1960s. The band members are listed as Derek Moule, Brian Hall, Paul Langford, Stan Armstrong and Eric Brooks with some help from Rob McCarthy, Bernie Kellow and John McLaughlin. They were an Australian group but it is obvious that some of them are ex-pats from the United Kingdom and Ireland. (Not to be confused with the folk band "Halliard")
This is not one of my rips. I picked this one up from one of my associates some considerable time ago and I have no idea who it was now.  Many thanks!
This is a great LP and they do great justice to the songs on this LP both vocally and instrumentally. In fact, it is one of my favourite albums. The songs are mainly a mix of tracks from the British Isles with one Australian traditional - "The Roma Railway". Also outstanding performances of "Sweet Thames Flow  Softly", "Twa Recruiting Sergeants", "Red Haired  Mary", "Biker Hill" and "Minore".

Track List
1. Come In, come in
2. Black Country
3. Sweet Thames Flow Softly
4. Manchester Rambler
5. William Bloat
6. Greasy Wheel
7. Biker Hill
8. Minore (Two sisters)
9. Roma Railway
10. Twa Recruiting Sergeant (from the Black Watch)
11. Red Haired Mary
12. Brady of Strabane

Download from here
From Mediafire

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Martyn Wyndham-Read, Danny Spooner, Gordon MacIntyre and Peter Dickie "A Wench, a Whale and a Pint of Good Ale" 1966 LP Mono

This is the first of the albums that featured Danny Spooner. This time he is again in company with Martyn Wyndham-Read. Additionally, they are joined by another British ex-pat, Gordon MacIntyre. Gordon was very active in the Australian folk scene for many years; sadly passing away in 1999. Peter Dickie is also acknowledged but he is a complete enigma to me. The LP provides no details as to his actual input - can anyone help with some information on him?
This LP is self-statedly intended to provide greater British Isles folk input to the Australian scene which was then strongly influenced by the north American (US and Canadian) folk scene.
Again, we owe thanks to Denis for making and providing a recording of this LP.  There are some minor problem but it has edited well for such an old and well-loved LP.

Song List
1. The Farmer's Boy
2. The Apprentice Song
3. The Miller and the Maid
4. Er Fa La La Lo
5. The Devil and the Ploughman (Child 279 variant)
6. Greenland Whale Fishery
7. The Hog's-Eye Man
8. Ale Ale Glorious Ale
9. Banks of the Roses
10. I Drew My Ship
11. The Nightingale
12. Whip Jamboree
13. The Oggie Man (No More)
14. The Coast of Peru
15. Ay Waukin Oh
16. Farewell to Tarwarthie

Download with Graphics (MP3 192-224VBR
From MediaFire 
Danny Spooner's widow has advised that plans are currently underway to expand the website to re-release Danny's music to raise funds for a memorial statue. Accordingly, the album is no longer available for download.

One of our US visitors has kindly pointed out that Peter Dickie is mentioned in Malcolm J Turnbull's history of the Australian folk movement (no - not the pollie Malcolm Turnbull) and you can find the relevant section at this link (click here).