Sunday, December 25, 2016

NFF 2xCD Compilation "35 years" (1967-2001) Released 2003

Merry Christmas all. This 2 CD set is a selection of tracks representing performances at what is now known as the National Folk Festival across its first 35 years (1967-2001). The greater majority are by Australian based performers (foreign born or otherwise). As such it provides a good sampling of local performers and the wide range of their offerings. This set has long been out-of-print but releases by some of these artists are still readily available from commercial or internet sources. Of course there are artists whose work could not be featured on this set and other artists have emerged since 2001.
Some of the featured artists have sadly gone to "Fiddlers Green" but they live again in these recordings.
All tracks are MP3 @320VBR. In total, just over 200MB.

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Martyn Wyndham-Read 'Ned Kelly and that Gang' LP 1970

A rip of this particular LP has been circulating on the net for many years in an unedited form. I have now done some editing of the tracks and most have responded well. Some tracks still have some defects but all tracks are pleasant to listen to - just don't listen too critically. I would welcome a cleaner rip though but that is probably a vain hope.

This album was an English issue in 1970. I am unaware as to whether it was ever sold in Australia.

Martyn Wyndham-Read resided in Australia between 1960 and 1967 during which period he became involved in Australian bush music.He has visited Australia several times since then including last month. He is also a performer of folk songs of the British Isles and has put out many albums frequently including Australian folk songs. A great performer who only seems to improve with age. You can find details about him on Wikipedia and his discography on Discogs and other sources.

The title is a bit of a misnomer as Ben Hall and his gang get more play time so it is mainly about two lots of bushrangers with the other tracks being songs about convicts. 

Track list
1. (Farewell) Ned Kelly (intro)
2. Ben Hall's Gang
3. The Streets of Forbes
4. The Convict Maid
5. Moreton Bay
6. Ye Sons of Australia
7. The Wild Colonial Boy
8. Jim Jones
9. Lament for Ben Hall
10. The Cyprus Brig
11. The Death of Ben Hall
12. Stringybark Creek
13. Farewell to Greta
14 (Farewell) Ned Kelly (reprise)

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MP3 224-256 VBR averaging at 224 (simple music) 58MB.
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Monday, December 19, 2016

Various Artists "3 Floors Down" LP 1972

This LP featured artists who associated with the Cellar, three floors down, in the YWCA building in Sydney. This was then the venue for PACT which in 1972 still operated as an adult co-operative theatre and music space. PACT has changed somewhat over the years and is now the "PACT centre for emerging artists" now situate at Erskineville in Sydney.

It is a really mixed offering with psychedelic folk, bluegrass, an Irish traditional, a Spanish language protest song of the 1960s (shades of "Quantanamera"), a blues number, and a few country/folk contemporary numbers.

Many of these artists have featured for other albums on this blog, most notably, Marian Henderson, Declan Affley, and John Currie. All tracks are studio performances.

This is another of the albums ripped by the Victorian Bush Folkie and edited by me. There were a lot of clicks on this LP but most have been eliminated and it is now of good listening quality.

Track List
01 - Reuben James - Hamilton County Bluegrass Band
02 - No Other Name - Tom Taylor
03 - Porque Los Pobres Nos Tienen - Jeannie Lewis
04 - Fillemorrieooie-ay (Working on the Railway) - John Currie
05 - Australia Square - Bernard Bolan
06 - Island in the River (Bitter Bread, Weevils in the Flour) - Declan Affley
07 - Pity Me - Dogsbody, Bloodbus, Kratch, Dank and Snug
08 - Moon and Mice - Marian Henderson
09 - Goin' Home - Margaret RoadKnight
10 - Oldest Man Blues - Kerry Lyons and Steve Martin
11 - Strawberry Sunshine - Al Head
12 - Missed the Seasons Rain - John Currie

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