Saturday, April 18, 2009

" Bushwackers" Faces in the street 1981

Another nice rip from Ian, our prolific Adelaide ripper ... Thanks as usual Ian, nice one.

This album is on the "Avenue" label from 1981, comes with front and back scans, not much information on the recording as yet, some research needed.

Track Listing:
01 ; Faces In The Street
02 ; Ned Kelly's Tunes
03 ; 1891
04 ; Weevils In The Flour
05 ; Marijuana Australiana
06 ; Freedom On The Wallaby
07 ; Les Darcy
08 ; Dick's Pig
09 ; Bill's Yarn
10 ; The Tent Poles Are Rotten
11 ; The Mistress On The Floor

Something here for everyone: Raunchy Rock guitar, Cajun Banjo, Ceilidh dance,
humour as well as a good dose of pure Ozzieana, plus some Environmental protest,
makes this Band popular with a wide audience.

New Links as of 12 Nov 2012 - 256k MP3 rip + Scans
 From MediaFire
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Now to the Quiz! Checkout the faces in the foreground, recognise any familiar ones that
shine through the artists characterisation?


  1. This is one of my favorite Bushwackers albums. Thanks *very much* for posting it!

  2. I have searched for more info on this album but cannot find anything else except that the cover painting is by John Brack and is in the national gallery of Victoria.
    It is Collins Street, Melbourne at 5pm,1956.(cover notes)
    Ian of Adelaide.

  3. Hi guys I just discover your blog, and I want to say thanks. Love this music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    To my favourites right now!!

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  4. Enormous thanks for posting The Bushwakers albums. I was looking for Shearer's Dream for more than 10 years!

    Is it possible to share two more albums: Beneath the Southern Cross and Lively? I have several Bushwackers albums released on CD, I could reciprocate by sharing them (And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda, Dance Album, compilation So Far and EP Bushwacked + Murrimbudgee/Bushefire reelased as Flasj Jack from Gundagai).

  5. Hello matty_groves,
    I'm happy to post links to anything (and they can be your links if you prefer!) I do not have "Beneath the Southern Cross" and "Lively" but hopefully I will eventually find them or someone else will share them. I do have the 3CD compilation "The Great Bushwackers" but that is still being sold so I do not share it. If you, or anyone else for that matter, want to share your music (provided it is currently unavailable, preferably contact me on ""

  6. sorry..I forgot to leave the adress...

    Sorry... :S

  7. Matty_Groves...I'm sorry that I do not have those Bushwacker Albums but I have their Dance Album on LP but I am not happy with the rip. I have tried to buy a copy but with no luck. I would be very happy if you were to post it.(and the others as well!)

    1. Hello Ian of Adelaide,
      I have recerntly discovered and been very much enjoying your various excellent Bushwackers uploads.
      I have tried numerous times to download/rip the "Faces in the Street" and "The Original Bushwackers and Bullockies Band"albums but it comes up as an error every time. Are you able to assist me with this ?
      I'd really appreciate any help you can give.

    2. Hi James. Gonzo posted this album for me during one of my absences. I have no idea as to wgo "owned the link - either Gonzo or Ian, I guess. It seems that link has now failed so I am now putting up two fresh links.
      Re "The Original Bushwhackers and Bullockies Band", There is no link to return an error message? Downloading of this album was cancelled at the request of the latest Copright holder. See deatils on that posting.

  8. Ian, I have it on CD. I will rip it for you and will share. If the CD is in print let's not share here, if it is OOP - let's do. I will do the rip and cover scan in two weeks.

    Paul: do you know an online shop, which sells this 3 CD compilation?

  9. Hello matty_groves,
    I'm not sure what album you are referring to - "Dance Album", "Lively", or "Beneath the Southern Cross". Regardless, I can't find any CDs for sale anywhere.

  10. I've been searching for this album for eons.

    I remember at school in history class,we studied this record and I always remember the great music.

    Odear,that was over 30 years ago lol.

  11. Likewise, I had 'Beneath the Southern Cross' when I was a kid and I'd love to hear it again. *Somebody* must have it.

  12. as you guys have all said i too had a copy of the lively album and loved it but have since lost it,and have been trying to find an mp3 download but can't find one anywhere.
    I would be very greatful for any help to find another copy or for some to upload a copy if anyone could help, cheers.

  13. Thank you so so so much. Have been trying to find this version of "Faces in the street" for many years. Such a wonderful Australian poem brought to a musical life by the Bushwakers. Can anyone explain why it doesn't appear on their various compilation cd's? Once again, many thanks.