Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Roger Thwaites "200 Years" LP 1970

Track List
1. Two Hundred Years
2. The Colonial
3. The Dingo Fence
4. Ballad of Frank Gardiner
5. To Wander the Wallaby Track
6. Cobb & Co
7. The Blue, Red and Grey
8. Quong Tart
9. Araluen
10. Ticket of Leaver
11. The Clarkes
12. Ironbark

The album was issued to mark the 200th anniversary of the discovery of the east coast of Australia and the claiming of Australia as a British possession by Captain James Cook in 1770 (settlement would occur 18 years later).
In 1970, Roger Thwaites was a young man residing in Araluen, previously the site of New South Wales' second largest gold mining operations. I understand that he may still be living there. He and his father were involved in recording and publishing the history of Araluen and many of the songs on this LP seem to have sprung from that activity. There are some very good songs here mixed in with some that tend to make me cringe but overall it is a very acceptable offering. It is distinctly folky except for the musical backing which, although well performed, has a distinct rock and roll feel to it - very reminiscent of Presley's earliest backing group, The Jordanaires but, of course, it is vocally much different.
Definitely not one for the folk purists but then it doesn't try to be. It was an LP meant for general consumption aimed at a 1970 audience. The graphics give the background for each song.

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  1. I love it grew up with it and the stories assocatieed with the legends of teh music - would love to mee the man who Jackaroo'd on the farm I grew upon

    1. My name is Tammy Thwaites... I am Roger's daughter.

    2. Hi Tammy, my wife Anna and I met you many years ago with your Mum Lindsay at our house in Elanora Syd. You were just a toddler then. Would love to re-connect with you and the family if at all possible, We now live on the Gold Coast Qld. Regards, Peter

  2. Staying with Lindsay & Roger with my wife Susan, rather pregnant, in 1969 was great. I'd love to find them again.

  3. Thanks Paul. That's a good record.
    I checked this out after picking up a 2nd hand copy of Thwaites' album 'Age Of Time'- which I really like. It's even more rock than this one, but many of the lyrics are still based around the bush, Australian wildlife and local characters. You can check it out a couple of songs at my blog: http://recordhuntinginaustralia.blogspot.com/2009/11/roger-thwaites-age-of-time.html
    Would love to hear some of his other albums.

  4. Hi my name is Pat Martin Rodger recorded a more contemporary album on my label Aussi-tal Records called "Bound For Glory" sadly back in the day small timers like us couldn't break into the airplay monopoly.

  5. We too found Roger Thwaites in a $1.00 bin at Coles and it was immediatly the family favourite. Also had Age of Time and North by North West. jo

  6. That LP should be a national treasure, if they have such a thing for records.

  7. Thank you for this rare album. A great mix of folk/country/rock'n'roll, all rolled into one. I really like his next album, Age Of Time (1971), so am looking forward to hearing this debut. Keep up good work.

  8. Anyone have a copy of this record for sale - or at least an MP3 of its contents? I would be most appreciative

    1. Just download and unzip the file from Mediafire for MP3 versions of the tracks.

  9. Emma Hanna was a local girl and she and Roger played at the Cowra Show for many years. In the eighties the style and genre had changed a bit, I loved these early works ... Still have the original vinyl of 200 years!

  10. Does anyone know where Roger is today?. Would love to connect again. Peter