Monday, December 21, 2009

"15 Australian Christmas Carols" LP 1960s

I have had a few requests here and elsewhere to post some genuine Australian Carols.  I'm not really into carols (my favourite Christmas song is Eric Bogle's "Santa Bloody Claus").  However, a friend had previously asked me to get him a rip of this album so I've finished it off for him and I'm posting it here as well for anyone interested.
We "down under" tend to occasionally have problems with northern hemisphere carols especially when they talk about cold and snow.  You feel pretty silly singing them in the middle of a heat wave with the sweat streaming off your brow. The one exception I recall was the one about Santa Claus riding a strawberry roan when he goes to Texas because they don't have snow but I have not heard that one since the late 1950s.  Many have attempted to rectify the problem usually with little success - "Six White Boomers" still does well though.
In terms of a serious effort, this LP is probably the best known and even then it is fairly obscure although you will often encounter some of the carols sung by choirs at Xmas.  It covers the Australian Christmas time environment while maintaining a dignified respect for the religious aspects.
The pedigree of these tracks is excellent.  Words by John Wheeler, music by William G James, Sir Bernard Heinze conducting the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and the New South Wales Conservatorium Choir.  I tend to find it a bit too stuffy but I'm sure it will delight those who are into carols and there are really a couple of worthy carols here.  But do listen to Bogle's "Santa Bloody Claus" as well.
I have included the lyrics for all the tracks as well as there is little point in carols if you can't sing along.

Song List (as per request in December 2011)
1. Merry Christmas
2. The Three Drovers
3. Christmas Night - Cradle Song
4. Christmas Day
5. Carol of the Birds (aka Orana)
6. Our Lady of December
7. The Little Town where Christ was born
8. Noel Time
9. Christmas Bush for his Adorning
10. The Silver Stars are in the Sky
11. The Christmas Tree
12. The Day that Christ was Born on
13, Country Carol - The Oxen
14. Golden Day
15. Sing Gloria

Download with graphics -  MP3 @192-224VBR Mono

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  1. Thanks very much, dear Paul, compliments for your extremely nice and 'souveraine' blog!
    Merry Christmas,
    Your Vanessa

  2. Hi there Stockie.

    Just to let you know - you've added a whole new dimension to my music collection...

    Thanks a bunch!!

    All the best for 2010

    Mr Snookles

  3. Thank you for sharing this Australian Christmas album. 'ave a great 2010

  4. Many thanks for posting this album, I've been searching high and low for the more traditional Aussie Christmas Carols. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas 2010

  5. Thanks so much, Paul.
    I grew up with this as a kid 35 to 40 years ago.
    My dad and I will both be thrilled to hear this again - even in July!

  6. Download is not working. It is listed as a .rar file - how would I play this

  7. Louis,
    a .RAR file is the same as a ZIP file. You have to extract the music and other files which have been compressed into the file.
    Read the article here:-

  8. Thankyou Paul I had this album and lost it and have been looking for it a number of years. I grew up with this so I am thrilled to find it again.

  9. Dear Paul, it would be great if you posted a song list for this.... Happy Christmas

  10. Song List provided as per request in last comment

  11. Is right the year of publication in 1960?

    1. Precise year is not known. But I'd guess at about 1965-1967

    2. G'day Stocky,
      Thanks for the carols, they bring back many memories of living and growing up in western NSW. As to production, I can remember listening to this record in Christmas 62/63, maybe even earlier. Thanks for the extracting advice. Worked a treat.