Thursday, December 17, 2009

1967 Film - "The Restless Years" and Best Wishes

For those interested in a video version of the original award-winning 1967 TV show "The Restless Years", The blogsite Folk for All has a copy available for download.

Make sure you all have a great holiday (or that work is not too hard).  Many thanks to all those who kindly contributed during the year.  We all hope that we have done a little to preserve some of this great music and that you enjoy listening to our offerings.

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  1. Thanks for adding a distinct Aussie twang to our musical year. Happy Christmas even though you may not have white ones down under - so long as you don't fall off the planet entirely. What about some Australian carols? - I swear I once heard "Silent Night" to the tune of "Waltzing Matilda" and I know I once heard something called Christmas on the ---(Wallaby ---I think?).