Monday, June 14, 2010

A.L. Lloyd "The Old Bush Songs" 1994 CD re-release

Albert Lancaster Lloyd recorded as A.L. Lloyd but was better known as "Bert".  He was born in England in 1908.  As a young man (1924-1932) he worked in Australia mainly on sheep stations in the Lachlan River area of New South Wales where he commenced to collect Australian folk songs.  On his return to England, he continued with his growing interest in folklore and folk music at a time when there was very little interest in the field.  He went on to record a considerable volume of work including a large proportion of Australian folk songs including his contribution to the LP The Great Australian Legend previously posted on this blog.  His first significant Australian-related output was the 1956 Riverside RLP 12-606 Australian Bush SongsSee above - we now have a good rip of that LP.

This particular album was an Australian CD release on the Larriken label and incorporates tracks from 1960s and 1970s Topic label LP releases.  The accompanists include Martin Wyndham Reade, Trevor Lucas, Alf Edwards, Al Jeffrey, Dave Pegg, Andy Seagrott and Dave Swarbrick on eight of the tracks and Peggy Seeger, John Cole, and Ralph Rinzler on six tracks.

I have no idea who did this rip as I collected this material from elsewhere.  It is MP3 at 160bps CBR.

The fifteen tracks are Waltzing Matilda (original/Queensland version), The Kelly Gang, The Drover's Dream, The Cocckies of Bungaree, Flash Jack from Gundagai, Bluey Brink, The Derby Ram, Bold Jack Donahue, The Wild Colonial Boy, The Hold-up at Eugowra Rock, Euabalong Ball, Rocking the Cradle, Lachlan Tigers, and The Lime Juice Tub.

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  1. Absolutely loved this album. What a unique voice is Burt Lloyd. When listening to this album I felt like I was out in the scrub at a campfire sing-along. Excellent. Thank you.