Friday, July 9, 2010

Various Artists "Still a Long Way from Home" CD 1998

This CD was released on the Auvidis label in France in 1998 as part of the UNESCO Traditional Music of the World Series subtitled as "Australia: Music from the New England Tableland of New South Wales".  The Album contains a mix of folk dance tunes and folk songs of both Australian and British Isles origin.  As far as I can identify, this CD is no longer available for purchase.  This rip was very kindly provided by one of our very kind Tasmanian contributors and is in MPEG-4 format at about the 250 kbps level.  It is quite a delightful album.
The track list and performing artists are:

1. Bruce Smith's Set Tune - Mark Rummery
2. Mazurkas: Ben Cherry's/Alice Doran's/Mick Pitkin's - Barry McDonald, Cathy Ovenden, Mark Rummery, Chris Sullivan
3. Lad from Erin's Isle - Barry McDonald, Cathy Ovenden, Mark Rummery, Chris Sullivan
4. Polkas: Pop Holland's/Bruce Smith's/Jim Lowe's Heel and Toe - Rob Beasley, Barry McDonald, Mark Rummery
5. Dingo Flat - Barry McDonald, Cathy Ovenden, Mark Rummery, Chris Sullivan
6. Set Tunes: Ben Cherry's/Wait Till the Clouds Roll by, Jenny Dear - Barry McDonald, Cathy Ovenden, Mark Rummery
7. Georgie Sands - Barry McDonald, Cathy Ovenden, Mark Rummery, Chris Sullivan
8. Ben Cherry's Schottisches - Barry McDonald, Mark Rummery
9. Johnny Lad - Barry McDonald
10. Jigs: Chase Me Charley/Richard Ferris'/Jim Lowe's - Barry McDonald, Mark Rummery, Chris Sullivan
11. Thunderbolt's Dream - Barry McDonald, Mark Rummery
12. Step Tunes: Arnie Berger's/Have You Ever Seen the Devil?/Victor Cherry' - Barry McDonald, Cathy Ovenden, Mark Rummery, Chris Sullivan
13. Barbara Allen - Barry McDonald
14. Waltzes: Watson's Creek Waltz/Pearl Browning's - Barry McDonald, Theresa Nano, Mark Rummery
15. William Grimes the Drover - Cathy Ovenden, Mark Rummery
16. Step Tunes: Mick McGarryĆ­s Jigs/The Bullshit Over the Calf Pen - Barry McDonald, Cathy Ovenden, Mark Rummery, Chris Sullivan
17. My Name Is Alma Chandler/Merry-Go-Round Waltz - Barry McDonald, Theresa Nano, Cathy Ovenden, Mark Rummery
18. Schottisches: Jim Lowe's/Steve Harte's/Sam Looker's - Barry McDonald, Cathy Ovenden, Mark Rummery, Chris Sullivan
19. Mouth-Organ Medley: Why Did My Master Sell Me?/Starry Night for a Ramble - Jim Lowe, Barry McDonald, Mark Rummery
20. O God of Love (Reprise) - Graeme "Fritz" Kreusler, Jim Lowe, Barry McDonald

At the request of Chris Sullivan as per the below email, the Download link is now removed
I have just come across your site. This CD was not release in Australia for copyright reasons. McDonald does not have copyright or clearance for the arrangement of the music, all of the music. He has done a lot of damage this cove, and he should not profit, even indirectly. If you continue to allow this to be downloaded you will be in breach of copyright. Consider yourself formally notified.
Chris Sullivan

I wonder what happened here?


  1. Nice one Paul,
    I wonder who the Tasmanian correspondent is? I guess I must have come across him in my travels.

    I am not sure if you got the complete John Wright album, or wanted it, the links are still active.

  2. just a quick note on this post to thanks u for you blog - much appreciated to get these old tunes made available. looking forward to more music here!


  3. I think it's a pity we can't hear these tunes anymore. Instead of just banning us from hearing this recording, can someone suggest how I can buy a copy of the CD?

  4. Ive never been able to source the CD myself so if you can do so please let us know too.

  5. Who cares what Chris Sullivan says? Is he a lawyer? Who is he acting for? Put the music up and share it with the world. I'd like to know what unesco make of This 'cove' sullivan's claims.

  6. Think copyright chooks have flown the coop already if it's traditional material... if we don't release authentic versions the charlatans turn it into dodgy sheet music with dodgier arrangements!

  7. Now all available on Itunes and Spotify :)

    1. Well, that is good news. Mind you, it has probably only happened because the album was not an Australian release. Can't expect the locals to do it!