Thursday, August 19, 2010

Taliesin "Taliesin" CD 1994

One of this blog's visitors has kindly provided a rip of this 1994 CD by a Sydney folk group "The Taliesin" (Taliesin was a 6th Century Welsh poet) pointing out that two of the artists also appeared on The Creel "Apellation" 1998 CD previously posted here.

As far as we can ascertain this CD was a limited release and is no longer available for purchase.  The four artists were Ian Barker, Michael Spencer, Kim Poole and Stephanie Osfield all providing vocals and playing a wide range of instruments.

There is a broad range of tracks including British and Australian traditionals, instrumentals, and songs penned by the performers.  The informative CD notes have been  transcribed and are included in the download along with a photograph of the performers and the CD cover graphic.

The tracks are Cock of the Morning, Wardy's & Thunderbolt, Craigie Hill, James Raeburn, The Shepherd Lad of Rhynie, High among the Heather, The Waverley Waltz, Born a Woman, The Rambling Sailor. Spirit Drought, Row on Row on, My Name is Edward Kelly & Fiddly Jig, The Sprig of Thyme, My Love She Dances Fair, My Last Farewell of Stirling, and I Walk Beside You.

The CD is still available for purchase from THIS LINK
However, Ian Barker advises that the download can still be available on this site. Many thanks Ian.

Download from MediaFire

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  1. Hi folks,

    this album is still available but is in limited release. Ian Barker and Michael Spencer are now in a band called The Mutual Acquaintances. They can be contacted and the album purchased via



  2. Thanks Ian for generosity in allowing people to listen for free.