Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Paradiddle "Sorry to Keep You Waiting" LP 1980

This is the second (and as far as I know the final) album release by the Victorian based Paradiddle Folk Band.  It's quite an eclectic mix of traditional and modern folk from the British Isles and Australia.  There are some very good tracks on this one in the a capella style and also a couple of enthusuiastic instrumentals.And, just in case someone has never heard it, they have included their rendition of Bogle's great song ".... Waltzing Matilda". It has been a pleasure to work on these two Paradiddle albums  - nice clean vinyl!
MP3s encoded at 192-224 VBR - 70 Mb file
Tracks are:
1. I am a Tolerant Man
2. The Jolly Tinker
3. Norman Brown
4. Auld Wullie
5. Snakes
6. Oh, Bedad then, Says I
7. The Hole in the Boat (instrumental)
8. Bullockies Ball (a rarely performed Australian traditional collected by John Meredith)
9. The Kelly's Turning
10. The Miner
11. The Landlord's Fool (Landlord fill the flowing bowl)
12. Maranoa Drovers
13. Merry Clare
14. The Band Played Waltzing Matilda

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  1. That was a fun time. We knew the bass player very well, Athalie Brooks, she was a music teacher at the same primary school where my wife (at the time) taught. We went to many Paradiddle gigs, and also sat in on one of the studio sessions on the album, at Armstrong studios.

    Brian Lewis

  2. Just happened across this blog(12 months on). Paradiddle recorded a third album "Eureka - live at the Stockade", recorded at the Stockade Hotel in Carlton in 1983.

    Athalie Brooks is still playing Double Bass and Judy Turner is still playing fiddle, both with the Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club, as well as many other projects (local orchestras, string ensembles, scottish dances, etc...)

  3. Yep - that 3rd album was my favourite.
    The band still performs occasionally and can be contacted through myself, Mark Leehy: 03 9752 6502; mark@bushfirepress.com
    Kev and Mark now run Bushfire Press (www.bushfirepress.com), a music education resource publishing company, and Rob Fairbairn is one of the chief Bushfire writers. Greg works with the Lightning Creek Band and tunes pianos ... and Athalie & Judy you have already read about.
    Cheers - Mark

  4. Mike Herbert 2014 -March.
    Hi guys, remember the Brewers Own Bush Band? Well we are still hard at it and I always loved playing percussion when you guys came to Geelong Folk Club and our Bullockies balls! I Saw Athalie on Sat 8th. and she came and had a couple of dances with us( Brewers Own) here at Port Fairy where we set up a charity family bush dance on Sat. arvo in aid of International Red Cross disaster fund, good to see a strong following hey Kev., Mark and Robbie?
    Cheers guys, we must have a reunion down here in my home town some time!