Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ulick O'Boyle & The Settlers "Kiandra and Beyond" CD 2002

 I have had quite a few queries about this particular album and its possible availability for purchase.  I've previously mentioned elsewhere that this CD is available from Ulick O'Boyle's daughter, Shannon O'Boyle, who lives in the Cooma area, but only as a comment to other entries relating to the original "The Settlers".
This is a much more recent album.  All tracks other than "Monaro Fantasy" and "Shoot Out in Sharp Street" are by the talented Ulick O'Boyle - the songwriter and lead performer with the original trio.
On this album, the performers other than Ulick are Paul Davey, Perin Davey, Ken White, and Fiona White.
Several of the songs continue with the Snowy Mountains theme but there are a couple which chronicle other aspects of Australian working life. Overall, this is a very enjoyable album and fans of the previous Settlers albums will definitely enjoy it.
This CD is only available from Shannon O'Boyle (all proceeds go to Ulick) and Shannon can be contacted by email at - price is $24.95. 


  1. Hi, is "bound for western australia" by the same "settlers"? Just found it on CD in an op-shop in Echuca.

  2. There is now a Settlers website at There albums are listed as Songs from the Snowy Mountains, More Songs of the Snowy Mountains, West of Cooma, Snowy Rambler, Mountain Tracks, and Kiandra and Beyond.

  3. The first two albums mentioned were combined on the CD. I have the vinyl of West of Cooma and will put up a rip some time.