Friday, February 17, 2012

Martyn Wyndham-Read "Ballad Singer" German LP 1978

We've previously published work by this fine English folk singer who once made his home in Australia and has also been a constant visitor to our shores. He is still a regular performer. His interest in Australian bush and folk music continues.
This album is a 1978 German publication which provides music and lyrics for many of the tracks. The extensive notes on the rear and the LP insert are in both English and German.

A kind person, George, provided this album to my friend Gonzo who has lovingly ripped and cleaned the music and then gave the result to me for publication on this blog.  Many thanks George and Gonzo. (Click here to visit Gonzo's great blog)

Please note: Files are tagged as 1968 in error. If it matters to you, retag as 1978.

Track List
1. Broken Down Squatter
2. Widgegoara Joe
3. The Stockman's Last Bed
4. The Old Palmer Song
5. Bitter Whaling Ground
6. Euabalong Ball
7. I Drew my Ship
8. Flash Jack from Gundagai
9. Garten Mother's Lullaby
10. Dennis O'Reilly
11. Ballad of the Drover
12. Lord Franklin
13. Last Farewell to Sterling

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  1. Hi Paul

    A definitive MW-R discography dates the album from 1978, not 1968 - but no big deal.

    You're very welcome to the album

    1. Thanks for that advice George and thanks for an album in great condition.

  2. Great album in excellent condition. Martyn is so easy to listen to and has a knack of selecting songs that suit his voice. Fist class, thanks to all concerned in making this album available.

  3. A hearty thanks you to you, George and Gonzo--Martyn is consistently wonderful and this is a real treat.

  4. Many, many thanks for this album. Haven't heard it yet, but anything by Martyn is bound to be excellent. If I remember rightly, Autogram is Willy Schwenken's label - someone often described as 'interesting' who many folkies would bump into in Germany during the 70s. Willy would often record visiting artists and I imagine there must be an incredible archive somewhere.

    Anyway, thanks again. :)


    1. Autogram put out three Eric Bogle LPs of rather poor recording quality. Eric contends that only one of those was authorised and advises anyone owning them to use them as ashtrays. Thankfully this one is far superior to the Bogle ones.

  5. Well, yes, Paul, my description of Willy as 'interesting' was intended to convey that he did that kind of thing! He put on a gig for one particular band I was with and it was pure luck that I found he had set up a ton of recording equipment up in the balcony. Another band were bemused when people told them they had all four of their albums - because to their knowledge they had only recorded three! Willy had put an extra one out on the quiet. So yes, your Eric Bogle story sounds about right. lol

    Best wishes,