Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Halliards - Untitled LP - 1960s

I know very little about this band but they brought out this LP in Australia in the late 1960s. The band members are listed as Derek Moule, Brian Hall, Paul Langford, Stan Armstrong and Eric Brooks with some help from Rob McCarthy, Bernie Kellow and John McLaughlin. They were an Australian group but it is obvious that some of them are ex-pats from the United Kingdom and Ireland. (Not to be confused with the folk band "Halliard")
This is not one of my rips. I picked this one up from one of my associates some considerable time ago and I have no idea who it was now.  Many thanks!
This is a great LP and they do great justice to the songs on this LP both vocally and instrumentally. In fact, it is one of my favourite albums. The songs are mainly a mix of tracks from the British Isles with one Australian traditional - "The Roma Railway". Also outstanding performances of "Sweet Thames Flow  Softly", "Twa Recruiting Sergeants", "Red Haired  Mary", "Biker Hill" and "Minore".

Track List
1. Come In, come in
2. Black Country
3. Sweet Thames Flow Softly
4. Manchester Rambler
5. William Bloat
6. Greasy Wheel
7. Biker Hill
8. Minore (Two sisters)
9. Roma Railway
10. Twa Recruiting Sergeant (from the Black Watch)
11. Red Haired Mary
12. Brady of Strabane

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  1. Great, really great! They have a nice sound and give a fresh interpretation to some of the oldies. Good sound reproduction also. Thank you.

    An entertaining experience downloading from Fileshare!

  2. downloading from FileFactory is an experience that's for sure...glad you got something, anything...that's more than I can get.
    I wouldn't buy stock in FileFactory.
    anon aka grims - Canada

    1. I think part of the problem is that, with Megaupload being closed, FileFactory and the like are now seriously under-resourced to cope with the sudden increased demand for their services. I will shortly discuss this problem seeking visitor input.

  3. Many thanks for this posting. Not heard of this group or any of the players before. Hope some further info comes to light. Nice arrangements, if a little dated maybe....but the kind of folk music that first attracted me to the genre.
    Glad I persevered with the FileFactory download at an average speed of a staggering 9kbs....but understandable with the demise of MU. Glad you are able to continue with this blog.

  4. Paul, I have this album, so it probably came from me in a roundabout way. Derek Moule (second from left, cap and beard) was the guiding light of Traitor's Gate - a pub folk club in Adelaide I attended regularly for a large part of the '70s, which is why I bought the album (second-hand, I believe). That cap was glued to his head. I don't remember any of the other artists.

  5. Hi, the bloke in the middle is Brian Hall, my Dad. He has sadly passed away. Derek and the others are still going strong I believe. They used to play in the 70's at the Traitor's Gate and later at the Kings Head in Adelaide. I have many fond memories as a kid of being "dragged" around the country side and watching them play. It must have rubbed off as I'm a keen guitar player these days. I was just driving home from a good night out and heard a song they used to do, "Sam Hall" on the radio, It reminded me of the ol Halliards and when I got home I thought, what the hell, how bout a google search and here we are. Thanks for blogging about this great album, My Dad would have been very happy about this.

    1. I remember Derek well, a real gent. He hosted our band, Cobbers, when we visited Adelaide in 1979, just after our bass player was killed. Derek and all the others made us very welcome which went a long way to allay the grief we were carrying at the time. Glad to hear he's still firing.

  6. Halliards Update: Banjo player, Eric Brookes, still active and living in China. Derek can be found on the Adelaide folk scene. Bryan passed away in 1999. Stan living in Adelaide happily collecting vinyls. Paul enjoying life sailing his boat.