Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Bushwackers "Dance Album" LP 1980 (Graphics Only)

These graphics have been kindly provided by a new Tasmanian visitor. Many thanks for your kindness.

I am not posting any of the tracks with these graphics. For those who wish to recreate the album, the relevant tracks are all on CD3 of the previously presented Bushwackers set. You can go to that posting by clicking on here.
Leave out the first two tracks and simply renumber the rest in the same order.

You have two options for obtaining these graphics. For smaller graphics, "right click" on each graphic and select save image and proceed from there.For larger graphics, use this Download link. (Only 1.3Mb)

Link failed? Then please leave a comment or contact

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  1. Thanks for this I also Dl'ed the albums which In didn't have. It's not hard to listen to the Bushwackers I enjoy them greatly and I thank you for your posts