Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cathie O'Sullivan with Cleis Pearce - "High Places" LP 1983

.Wav files of this album were kindly provided by one of our NSW visitors. Many thanks for your continuing support. Larrikin produced the LP as LRF-128.

Cathie has appeared on compilations in this blog before but this is the first LP presented here. (anyone got a good copy of her 1980 "Atesian Waters" LP -  pretty please) Cathie is a very highly regarded singer and musician performing mainly in an Irish celtic style which is very much in evidence on this album. I did not have access to the LP graphics and the included ones were found on, of all places, a Japanese website. In the absence of the LP notes, I have no idea what the first part of track 6 featuring an aboriginal language monologue nor do I know who the speaker was. Presumably, it leads into the second part of track 6 which is about uranium mining and its effects on the indigenous inhabitants. Can anyone provide better graphics or better information. Otherwise, all vocals are by Cathie O'Sullivan on harp or banjo with Cleis Pearce on viola.

Track List:
    A01. Erus / O'Sullivan, arr. O'Sullivan, Pearce (2:53)
    A02. Stoney town, Eileen Curran / Nielson, O'Sullivan (2:37)
    A03. Keeping so thin / Nielson, O'Sullivan, Pearce (3:07)
    A04. The orange tree / Nielson, O'Sullivan (3:27)
    A05. King of the fairies, Miss Patterson / trad. arr. O'Sullivan (2:45)
    A06. Nipper, Big Bill / T. Piper (7:06)
             Posted as tracks 6a and 6b respectively.
    B01. As stock go by / Morant, Tate, arr. O'Sullivan, Pearce (3:27)
    B02. There's anguish / Hewitt, O'Sullivan (3:45)
    B03. Lovely Dolly / trad. arr. O'Sullivan, Pearce (7:19)
    B04. The red rose top / trad. arr. O'Sullivan (2:45)
    B05. Farewell to music / O'Carolan, arr. O'Sullivan (2:35)
    B06. Leaving / O'Sullivan, arr. O'Sullivan, Pearce (2:53).

All tracks MP3. Music tracks @ 192-224 VBR. Track 6a at 128 CBR (monologue).

Previously listed with MediaFire and provoked the following response:-
The file you requested has been removed from MediaFire for a violation of our Terms of Service.
Further information from MediaFire identifes that the claim of distribution rights is only in respect of "Lovely Molly" and my guess is that some idiot at Muso TNT Limited (an anti-piracy organisation) has guessed that I am sharing the 2011 movie "Lovely Molly".  The ironic thing about that is that it is a traditional song.

Download from Mega NZ (new link)

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  1. Too silly for words....
    Can you repost minus the "offending" track?
    Just a thought!

    1. I wondered about that too! Or even publish without a track listing because there was obviously some sort of general search conducted to find the posting. I have emailed to Mediafire but I doubt that they'll be interested in checking further. I'll bide my time a little.

  2. I'm a lucky one! Mate, that's a beautiful album. It will be getting plenty of 'play time' thank you.

  3. A visit to a blog called "Friday On My Mind" (mymusicrip) might reward someone with a posting of the "Artesian Water" album. I have not heard the album yet.

    RTJ in USA

    1. I have now listed "Friday on my Mind" in my recommended music blogs - see left column. There are a few Australian Folk items.

  4. Cleis Pearce used to be in the amazing jazz rock band MacKenzie Theory, who produced 2 albums in the 70's