Friday, December 5, 2014

The Settlers "West of Cooma" LP Stereo 1981

This was the third LP from the Settlers and the last to feature the original artists albeit with a fair bit of professional instrumental backing (see the LP rear graphic).
Their two previous albums "Sings Songs of the Snowy Mountains" and "Sings More Songs of he Snowy Mountains" in the late sixties were very successful (from a folk perspective) but they all went their different ways until they were re-united for the recording of this album in December 1980.
Somewhat fittingly, the songs on this album are mainly reminiscing upon their past days working on the Snowy Mountains Scheme. All tracks are by the late Ulick O'Boyle except for "Haulpack Blues" penned by both Paul Davey and Ulick.
Overall the album has a country folk feel to it and Settlers fans will love this one too.

1. West of Cooma
2. Dirt Shifting Man
3. The Crying Kind
4. Nicolai
5. Jeannie Williams
6. Tumut Ponds and Bugtown
7. Snowy Special
8. Yodeling Wanderer
9. Dodd's Hotel
10. Haulpack Blues
11. The Beer with no Pub
12. Snowy Mountain Home.

Click here to download the album and all graphics MP3@ 192-224VBR 76Mb


  1. where can i buy a CD of this album

  2. Nowhere as far as I know. I understand that his second wife has some/all of the rights to this album unlike the others.