Monday, March 6, 2017

RIP Danny Spooner

Just a quick note to advise that Danny Spooner, that wonderful folk music performer featured in many of this blog's posts, died on the evening of last Friday, 3 March 2017. His attendance at various folk festivals and events will be sadly missed by many.


  1. Thanks for all the music, Danny.

  2. We had a wonderful weekend at George Town festival this year, Danny was in good form despite his condition, the final event was for all of us, very sad, we all realised this might be his last show, the photographs and odd singing session recordings will be among my treasured possessions a memory of a man whose music has given us all so much pleasure, a true troubadour of folk and trad music. R.I.P

  3. 'And he'll play his old squeezebox as he sails along
    With the wind in the rigging to chorus the song'.
    Farewell, Danny, and safe home.

  4. What a voice this bloke had ! Clarion. A number of Trad songs I heard first from Danny, so I associate them with him. In Australia he's one of the few to practise the art of belting out a song whilst backing himself on concertina. Dave de Hugard and Jacko Kenyans also. Danny and Jacko inspired me to do the same

  5. So there I was at the National Folk Festival in Canberra, and Danny wasn't... and somehow the universe seemed just a little off-kilter.
    For me, a National was never complete until I had shared a singing session with Danny. Last Saturday at the National, I had my last ever session with him ... at the Budawang, at his tribute concert.
    I think Danny would have been pleased (and slightly embarrassed) that the organisers thought so highly of him that they gave over the Festival's biggest stage for the event, and that - even in absentia - he still damn near filled the place.
    Danny touched many lives... and hearts. In many ways, he was our own Pete Seeger -
    with a huge and varied repertoire and that rare knack of getting people to sing along.
    He will be sorely missed by all who had the pleasure, and privilege, of knowing him, even if only just a little.

    1. Thank you G.C. I was there too. It was a great tribute and wasn't Margaret Walters brilliant leading the unaccompanied singing. I saw Danny at the previous National. He looked so frail but, nevertheless, persevered to give an entertaining performance.