Monday, January 30, 2017

Wombats Bush Band "The Bush Dance Album" 1988 Cassette

Again, we owe a vote of thanks to the Victorian Bush Folkie for this rip. This cassette tape was obviously in very good condition and my contribution was to simply remove tape and equipment noise and to encode the tracks.

There are about 48 separate dance tunes in this album in 11 tracks with each track representing a particular dance style. Many of the tracks also include vocal renditions. The tunes are mainly a mix of British and Australian standards e.g. Waves of Tory, Maire's Wedding, Starry Night for a Ramble, Back again to Yarrawonga. I have included details of the tunes for each track in the "comment" tag and they are also listed in the included graphics.

I have no idea who the performers were and, if you know, please let us know. The quality of the music is very good. It is a well produced album.

Tracklist (medleys)
1. Oxo Reel
2. Pride of Erin
3. Seige of Ennis
4. Evening Three Step
5. Heel and Toe Polka
6. Barn Dance
7. Wombat Polka
8. Irish Trot
9. Waltz Country Dance
10. Gay Gordons
11. Gallopede

Downloads are compressed files including the cassette graphics.
Click here to download MP3 224-256VBR version  64MB
Click here to download FLAC (lossless) version  309MB
Either file needs to be decompressed before playing.
Link no longer available? Then tell and I will re-up the file.


  1. I think this band was also featured on at least one of those compilation bush band "bicentennial bandwagon" releases of the late 1980s, of which there were many, with lots of duplicated tracks.
    Nice playing on this one and well worth a listen. Thanks for uploading it.

  2. pd says:
    according to discogs []

    Wombat's Bush Band is the resident band at Sovereign Hill, Ballarat, Victoria

    Noel Craven (Spud): vocals, guitar, 5-string banjo, accordion
    Paul Flowers (Nutsy): vocals, guitar, mandolin, fiddle
    Geoff Roche (Roachy): vocals, percussion
    Anthony Smith (Spider): fiddle
    Gerard Tobin (Wombat Murphy): vocals, recorder, penny whistle

    additional musicians:
    Robbie Ross: drums
    Dobe Newton: lagerphone, bones
    Danny Bourke: fiddle

    Released: 1988 | Label: Fable FAB 790352

    Producer: Tony Buettel
    Musical Arrangements: Noel Craven

    Recorded: Sing Sing Recording Studios (Melbourne)

    Liner Notes:

    Art Direction, Design: Geoff Hocking
    Front Cover Photo: Neil Lorimer
    Management: Heritage Productions

    " Special Thanks
    Wives and goddesses
    Trevor and Kaj at Sing Sing "