Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Country Express (Australian) "Another Lonesome Morning" LP 1985

The rip for this album was provided by the Victorian Bush Folkie and mildly cleaned up by me.

Country Express was a South Australian based group which performed over several years. This album features Brent Miller, John Munro, Mike O'Callaghan and Mike Smith. I do not know who Mike Smith is (although I feel that I should - help please) but the other three are well known in Australian folk circles as both individual performers and as members/backers of other groups and performers. The three have also done a lot of work with Eric Bogle especially John Munro who has featured in other posts on this blog.

Country Express focused on Bluegrass sound and most of the tracks on this album can be readily classified as  bluegrass gospel. Unsurprisingly, the overall performance is very good even though the sound quality is not always the best for some reason - likely wear over the years. Great harmony and great musicianship.

Incidentally, Country Express has been a popular name for bluegrass bands in America so do not be confused.

1. Other side of life
2. Hey boys
3. House of gold
4. Hail to the Redskins
5. Sing me back home
6. Aunt Dinah's quilting party
7. Another lonesome morning
8. Willie Boy
9. Hello stranger
10. Snowball
11. Slow moving freight train
12. Hallelujah, I'm ready

Download includes graphics. (downloads now have the correct track 9)
Click here to commence downloading a Zip file of the MP3 256-320 VBR version 43MB
Click here to commence downloading a  Zip file of the FLAC (lossless) version 144MB
The downloaded file will need to be decompressed before you can play the tracks.
If download file not available please email mr.stockman@gmail.com and I will fix it.

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