Sunday, April 14, 2019

Raglan Road - Untitled LP c1980

Tassie Ian provided the material for this LP. Many thanks. Good clean tracks which needed only a medium level of cleaning.

Raglan Road mainly performed in Sydney venues from 1979 into the '80s. This was the first of their albums - an EMI custom production.   The release year is unknown to me but it precedes the subsequent 1983 re-release of the album by Larriken Records with the addition of a title - "Irish Folk Songs" (In fact it is an eclectic mix of Irish, English, Scottish songs along with their versions of "The Lachlan Tigers" and the USA "Coal Tattoo).

The band was then composed  0f four members, namely, two Irish expats Martin Doherty and Jim Donnelly, a Scottish lass Kirsty McCallum, and one Tom Minogue about which I can find nothing. (He has been recorded as a Tom Manogue on Discogs and elsewhere but I suspect that this is an error brought by the elaborate calligraphy on the rear of the LP cover.) Can anyone help with this gentleman? He was not in the band in its later years.

They were obviously good performers. I would have loved to have seen a live performance.

One of our kind visitors has pointed out that there is a Raglan Road Reunion site. Click Here to visit it. There is a lot of history and also a CD and a DVD available to purchase.

1. Coal Tattoo
2. Rambling Irishman
3. We're Alive
4. Church street ~ Blackrock  Polka medley (instrumental)
5. Fear An Bhata
6. Lachlan Tigers
7. Broom o'Cowden Knowes
8, A piper's prayer (instrumental)
9. Blackleg Miner
10. The town I loved so well
11. Sally free and easy
12. Anathea
13. The Old Triangle

Download files are compressed and need to be decompressed to extract the tracks and graphic files.
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  1. Used to go and see this band at the Irish Club in Sydney. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

  2. Thanks Paul for the post and Ian for the music. Can't say I've heard of this group so thanks for the education as well.

  3. Paul, perhaps the times between posts might be a reason you do not get many comments these days! I have seen Tom Manogue's surname spelt Minogue, but even then there's nothing I've found about him. Other later members were Anna Brown and Tony Hystek. They also had a cd album released in 2016, after they re-formed for 3 re-union gigs in 2015.

  4. Thanks enjoyed the listen a pity the flac files are just transcodes from the MP3's.

    1. What? I used the .wav files provided from a reliable source to compile those flac files??? Sorry about delay but I only recently gained access to comments and then not for the full period they went missing.

  5. Fabrizio Pirro []September 1, 2019 at 7:41 PM


    You're making a very interesting work. Thanks!

    About this LP of Raglan Road, if I good understanding what they tales [] this edition must be a rarity, of 1978. The "official" record for Larrikin, with "Irish Folk Songs" as title, should be of 1983, as findable on