Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Larrikin Records "Waltzing Matilda: Songs of the Australian Bush" LP 1980 CD 1990

LP Cover 1980
CD cover 1990
Ian from Tasmania recently sent me a rip of, and graphics for, Larrikin Records LR118 "Seven Creeks Run" which I did a fair bit of work on even though the graphics and tracks seemed very familiar. Well, familiarity with the tracks was not a big issue because it was obviously a compilation of tracks from previous Larrikin albums. To cut a long story short, I eventually identified that I had, many years ago, copied a borrowed CD which was actually a 1990 re-release on CD but titled "Waltzing Matilda: Songs of the Australian Bush".

So here, somewhat belatedly, are FLAC and MP3 files from the CD issue. It is possible that regular downloaders already have most if not all of the tracks from LPs previously featured in this blog but here is your chance to get clean, unmodified copies.

Otherwise, this album can serve as a very good sampler for the featured artists.

Incidentally, The 1981 ABC-Larrikin 2LP set "While the Billy Boils" is in a similar vein to this album.

Tracklist with performers:
1. The Flash Stockman - Danny Spooner
2. The New Chum Shearer - Jacko Kevans
3. Song of the Artesian Waters - Cathie O'Sullivan
4.Ballad of the Kelly Gang - Dave de Hugard
5. Girls of the Ivory/Manchester Gallop - Mike and Michelle Jackson
6. The fire at Ross's Farm - Ted Simpson
7. Tumba-Bloody-Rumba - Warren Fahey
8. Seven Creeks Schottische- The Larrikins
9. Bluey Brink - Cathie O'Sullivan
10. The red-hot Wood stove - Bushwackers
11. Flash Jack the shearer - Trevor Shearston
12. The Free Selector's daughter - Mike and Michelle Jackson
13. One of the has-beens - Warren Fahey
14. Click go the shears - Martyn Wyndham-Read
15. The Ryebuck Shearer - Wild Colonial Boys
16. The Springtime it brings on the shearing - Dave de Hugard
17. Waltzing Matilda (Queensland version) - A.L. Lloyd

Make your choice of download below by clicking on your favoured version - lossless FLAC or MP3.
You will download one compressed file containing the tracks and the graphics. You will need to decompress the file to get to the contents.
Download FLAC version (274MB)
Download MP3 256-320VBR version (76MB)
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  1. A great addition. Many thanks

  2. Struth! where do readers dig up this old stuff. I put this compile together for a historical property in Victoria called Seven Creeks Run. Still stands up as an enjoyable collection of favourites.