Saturday, September 14, 2019

Currency "First Exchange ~ Rocking Australian Folk" LP 1982

The rip of this album was provided by the Victorian Bush Folkie. It has cleaned up well,

Currency (not to be confused with the Currency Lads group featured elsewhere on this blog) was a Canberra based folk group.

Obviously a talented group of musicians who like to venture into folk rock with both skill and enthusiasm.

They even have a condensed and modified version of the "The Bastard of the Bush" aka "The Captain of the Push" suitable for play in mixed company. It hangs together pretty well. And they even have some tracks featuring the less seen songs.

1. Bluey Brink
2. I know who is sick
3. The Miner
4. Hangman Noose
5. Death of Dan Morgan
6. Bastard from the bush
7. Come Listen
8. Wreck of the Amphitrite
9. Double Dissolution (instrumental)
10, Labouring with the hoe
11. Cuckoo's Nest (with a bit of "Navvy on the Line")

The two files below are compressed "zip" files which need to decompressed before playing. Choose one or the other format. Graphics are included.
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  1. With a great grief and sorrow I learn about the human & ecological disaster caused by the fire in you county. You - and all your countrymen - have my sympathy as I have lived almost a similar situation here in Greece sometime ago.