Friday, September 13, 2019

Robbie Brock with Dougie Maclean "On the Blooming Queensland Side - Old Songs and New Songs about Australia" LP 1988

This rip was provided by Tassie Ian and I have only done a modicum of editing.

According to the rear of the LP slip, Robbie Brock is a born and bred Queenslander who obviously found his way to Scotland where he recorded this album at the studio of Scottish folk singer Dougie Maclean and it sounds like Dougie also provided some instrumental backing.

A Narelle Nugent also sings one of the tracks and appears to provides occasional vocal backing.  Both Narelle and Robbie are unknown to me.

To all appearances there was ample and varied instrumental backing but no details are advised.

The album was produced by Warren Fahey's Larrikin label. The music is a mixed lot of both songs and instrumentals. Not that impressive an album but the first track has captured my interest.

1.  The Blooming Queensland Side
2. Spirit of Erin  (In the spirit of  'Dennis O'Reilly')
3. Didjeree
4. September Below
5. Birds on the Track
6. Zig Zag Lady
7. Sad Song Currawong
8. Isle of Skye (just about love of the Isle - no Prince Charlie)
9. The Hat Man's Lament
10. Two Professional Hums
11. Didjereetoo

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  1. I think later Robbie matured and was known as Robert Brock. If the same person he released 2 more cds: Jigsaw Days in 1993 and Moving Through the Vineyard in 2009.