Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Comments are working again. Status issues.

With the latest post, I have noticed that a couple of years of comments have now magically appeared. I have approved the genuine ones. I will be answering a few that need a response.

However, if you need something from me, it is preferable that you email me at mr.stockman@gmail.com with your query or request rather than making a comment on a posting.

As to the infrequency of postings, this is mostly caused by a scarcity of suitable material of sufficient quality. Good clean or cleanable material is very hard to come by nowadays. We have had some excellent contributors over the years for which I and presumably most of you are very thankful.

Perhaps some of you are still holding onto gems that I could put up on the blog. HINT HINT.

I do have a couple of other posts outstanding at the moment and I will have them up very soon.

I am getting seriously old now and do have one serious health issue. No rush at the moment but is there anyone interested in looking after the blog, in a maintenance sense, somewhere along the line? 

Anyway, continue to enjoy the music.

Regards to all


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