Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Franklin B. Paverty "Songs from the Australian Goldrush" Stereo LP 1987

A good rip from Tassie Ian. Thanks mate.

The group, Franklin B. Paverty, was usually made up of performers in the Canberra area and there were regular changes of members in the group.

The membership for this album was:

Mal Bennett - vocals, fiddle, mandolin and percussion.

Frank Nizynski - socals, guitar and bass

Bernie Nizynski - Mandolin and banjo.

Dave O'Neill - vocals, guitar and Mandolin.

Bryan Rae - vocals, guitar and harmonica.


  1. Hurrah for the diggings
  2. With my swag all on my shoulder
  3. Look out below
  4.  Off to California/Westfork Girls
  5. Frank Gardiner at Eugowra Rocks
  6. Australia's on the wallaby
  7. The golden west
  8. To the north
  9. The diamond drill
  10. Out upon a spree
  11. The Johnson Boys
  12. The old Palmer song.
  13. The Jolly Puddlers
  14. Tambaroora gold/Sweets of May
  15. Stringybark and greenhide
  16. The quartz crushing machine
  17. Australia the golden
  18. The cross of the south
  19. The roaring days

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  1. Pretty sure they are not defunct yet (as much as anything has been this year), they just call themselves Paverty now.

  2. Thanks for posting this one, Paul, and for the rip, Ian.
    Always enjoyed their shows at The National.