Saturday, May 14, 2011

"An Evening with Mike McClellan - Live" LP 1977

Mike McClellan was a very active entertainer in the 1970s abundantly displaying superior singing, guitar playing, and song-writing skills. His range included popular, folk, and country music.  In 1979, he went on to host a television country music show.  In 1982, he toured overseas returning in 1983 to focus on an advertising career. Since then, he has performed and released albums very infrequently.

None of his releases are currently available for purchase and, as far as I can detect, a proposed 2010 CD release has not yet eventuated.

This LP features his 1977 live performance of the more popular songs appearing on his first three albums. The originals were studio produced with full sophisticated musical backing.  However, the live performance was very different allowing McClellan to amply display his considerable talent.  Other than for the one track where Graham Lowndes assists, McClellan performs solo accompanying himself very competently on acoustic guitar.  It is such a pity for music lovers that he did not have a more prolific output both as a performer and a song writer.

You may notice that many Australian and overseas performers have done covers of some of his songs, The tracks are:-
1. Jelly Roll Baker - traditional
2. Saturday Dance (McClellan)
3. Midnight Flight (McClellan)
4. The One I love (McClellan)
5. High Flyin' Bird (Billy Ed Wheeler)
6. Rock 'n' Roll Lady (McClellan)
7. California Cool (McClellan)
8. Hot Chilli (McClellan) (instrumental)
9. You're going to need somebody on your bond. (traditional - accompanied by Graham Lowndes)
10. Mr. Bojangles (Jerry Jeff Walker)
11. Song and Danceman (McClellan)

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Bushwackers Band "Beneath the Southern Cross" LP 1981

The Bushwackers have had over 60 different members over the decades. With this LP the members were Eddy van Roosendael, Louis McManus, Michael Harris, Dobe Newton and Roger Corbett assisted by Broderick Smith, Rodger Montgomery, Rosemary Hallo, Mick Conway, and Steve Groves.
My copy of this album had some damaged tracks but I managed to obtain good rips of tracks from elsewhere.  Unfortunately, I have had to use a rip of  "And the Band played Waltzing Matilda" that was somewhat rough but I did manage to clear out a lot of the defects and it is acceptable provided that you do not listen too hard.  (If anyone has a better copy of this track, I'd love to receive it.) Incidentally, it is a different version to the one done earlier by the "Bushwackers".  The tracks are:-
1. St. Annes Reel (instrumental)
2. Waltzing Matilda (original version)
3. And the Band played Waltzing Matilda
4. The Catalpa (not the traditional version)
5. Lazy Harry's
6. South Australia
7. Beneath the Southern Cross
8. The Plate Glass Window (trad instrumental medley)
9. Battlers Ballad
10. Spider by the Gwydir (poem - poor original recording)
11. Lachlan Tigers
12. Fishing Reels (instrumental)

I have yet to do the graphics for the LP - I'll need to use photography to get the liner notes entirely and I will post the results soon.

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