Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dave de Hugard "Magpie in the Wattle" 1985

LP Rip MP3 @ 192-224VBR
Track List
1. The Wallaby Track
2. Barn Dance Melody
3. The Rabbit Trapper
4. Mazurkas
5. The Drover's Dream
6. Polkas
7. Two Set Tunes
8. The New Chum's First Trip
9. The Cane Breaks, Clem O'Neal's
10. Three Kids on a Horse
11. Two waltzes
12. The Stringybark Cockatoo
13. Forth Figure of the Lancers
14. Hey Rain

This, Dave's second album, was released about 16 years after the 1969 "Freedom on the Wallaby" (already posted). Here we see a greater focus on old-time dance hall music to which he successfully brings the Australian bush flavour.
This is not one of my rips as I have never been able to obtain this LP nor have I found any graphics for it but Ian from Adelaide has generously supplied them and they can be downloaded (see below). The tags identify the person encoding as "RK2310" so many thanks for a job well done.
Stand-outs on this album include "The Rabbit Trapper", "The Stringybark Cockatoo", both traditionals and Bill Scott's "Hey Rain" where he describes what it's like in Far North Queensland where rain is often measured in metres. The introduction of rabbits into Australia in the early 1800s was, and continues to be, an environmental disaster despite strenuous efforts to eliminate them. Rabbit trappers were always welcome on the stations and they could trap hundreds each night usually going round their traps three or four times a night. In the early days, their fur was in demand for the manufacture of felt for hats. The last time I saw a rabbit trapper was in the early 1960s when the demand was for the rabbit meat.

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  1. Thanks for making down load available.Is there a site where the music for the tunes is available as play a single row button accordion and like some the tunes such as 3 kids on a horse and The cane and would like to learn correctly instead of by ear.Thanks Ian theobald Nowra NSW

  2. Many thanks indeed, Paul. I wore out my tape of this album and was missing it. But I am now grinning ear to ear as I listen to these beauties. Gellibeen, Adelaide Hills.