Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dave de Hugard "Magpie Morning" 1993

CD Rip MP3@192
Track List
1. The Spring Jaunt
2. Magpie Morning
Bunyip Polka, Dooley Chapman's, Such is Life without a Bob
4. The Rabbit Trapper
5. The Gum Tree Lullaby
Hath McCaughey's, Stan Treacy's, Little River Rose
7. The Man with the Concertina
8. Sweeney
Shaker's, Little Man with the Pointy Nose
10. Sign-On Day
11. The Hills of Vancouver
12. The Drover's Return
13. The Happy Swagman

14. Paddy Godden's, Ernie Wells'

This CD rip was by a "K2310" to whom I give thanks because, for some inexplicable reason, the CD has not been available for purchase for some years. Dave de Hugard does market his later CD and provides it at folk festivals for sale but this one makes no appearance anywhere as far as I can ascertain and it is obviously quite rare. Accordingly, I have no hesitation in making this one available for download. I am sure that many of you will agree with me that this CD should still be marketed.
Again, this album is a good mix of instrumentals and traditional songs. I understand that almost all the instrumentation on the album was played by Dave through multi-layering. "The Rabbit Trapper" makes a re-appearance here but with very different instrumental backing from the 1985 LP. The "Drover's Return" is another version of the song usually known as "Brisbane Ladies" or "Augathella Station". "Sweeney" is adapted from a late 19th century poem by Henry Lawson first made famous as a song by the late and great Australian country singer, Slim Dusty.

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