Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lionel Long "Amberwren and Other Folk Songs" 1966

LP Rip MP3 192VBR
Track List
1. Amberwren
2. I Dreaned of Two Ships
3. Two Doves
4. Farewell
5. Namatjira
6. Turn, Turn, Turn
7. Boll Weevil

Lionel Long has previously featured here mainly for traditional music of the British Isles, Australia and of the sea and ships. This album is markedly different. The only traditional song it features is the American "Boll Weevil" which he gives more of a rock than a folk treatment. "Amberwren" is the feature track of almost 17 minutes and took up all of side 1 of the LP. It was penned by American musician and songwriter Mason Williams in 1963 and takes the form of a minstrel lay of the medieval period which well suits Lionel's folky style and the backing he gives it on his "guitar-lute". (I don't know if any other musician ever recorded this song). "I Dreamed of Two Ships" and "Two Doves" were both composed by Lionel in the folk style demonstrating that his many talents also stretched to song writing. "Farewell" is the Bob Dylan composition. "Namatjira" is a protest/tribute song for the Aboriginal artist Albert Namatjira; the work of Gordon Tolman, and "Turn, Turn, Turn" is, of course, the well-known Pete Seeger composition made famous by "The Weavers".
It has been a long struggle ripping and editing this album as all three copies I hold have been damaged to some extent and you may well notice that there are still some residual problems but I am sure you will enjoy this album.

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  1. Excellent, thank you.

  2. Hi there, what a surprise! :) someone just led me to your site :)

    I, as Lionel's daughter, Amberwren, would rather you didn't rip this record, however I do understand it is very hard to come by.

    I'lll be asking EMI to re release some of Dad's albums onto itunes, as there have been quite a few people asking for them.Which is lovely. I would like to share his wonderful voice and talent.

    He is sorely missed.

    Anyway, any questions, I'll send you my contact details in a private email.



    1. Dear Lionel's daughter , can you please email me at angelicadanton2012@hotmail.com, I am interested in your Dad's song , Amberwren ,and how to get a copy that is buy one .Angelica Danton . my phoneis 0426892553, if you would like to use that and text me details or you can email thanks so much !

    2. We lived in Sydney during the 60's & were friends of friends of your Dad. We were expecting our second child who, because we didn't have the correct spelling,named her Amberyn. Some years later on a trip to Toowoomba I saw the record in one of the shops and purchased it. We still have it but because of some rough treatment during various moves it no longer plays. Would love an MP3 of it. My email contact is squark@y7mail.com.au. I am an amateur musician and do lots of Youtubes of the older forgotten tunes. Amberwren would be a bit of a challenge but has personal sentiment. My Youtube Channel is https://www.youtube.com/user/harpoldie?feature=mhee
      cheers David:

  3. What a surprise! Please contact me via email at mr.stockman@gmail.com.

  4. Hi Amberwren, My name is Joe Novak from the USA. I have a web page dedicated to Mason Williams. Your name is of interest because Mason coined your name. If you're interested in commenting please email me at jnovak@aol.com Site is masonwilliamsfan.com Thank you. Joe

  5. Hi everyone! What a lovely surprise! I only just stumbled upon this now, so apologise for not writing back. I will get to you all and thanks for showing interest in Dad's work. Hi to his friends! It's the anniversary of his birthday yesterday and today. Very fitting. Take care and have a blessed day, Amberwren