Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Graham McCarthy "Best Loved Folk Songs" LP 1970s

Graham McCarthy is better known as the male half of the couple Lyn and Graham McCarthy who commenced their folk singing career in Adelaide in the early 1960s. They then spent many years in the UK where they were very much in popular demand especially for TV performances. They produced four albums of mixed Australian, US and UK folk music in the UK returning to Australia in the 1970s. This solo album was subsequently produced in Adelaide and is an eclectic mix of English language folk music but with an Anglo-American folk music emphasis.
On some of these tracks, McCarthy demonstrates an excellent folk singing talent and there is some great backing music. The negative is that some of the original recordings appears to have been poor and the sound engineering (by someone named “Mad Mal”) is strange (It took me two LPs to discover this factor). Nevertheless, this LP was well worth the ripping effort.
Track List
  1. Botany Bay
  2. The Riddle Song
  3. Black-Eyed Susie
  4. Barbara Allen
  5. Old Paint
  6. Jimmy Crack Corn
  7. Gypsy Rover
  8. Streets of Laredo
  9. Skip to my Lou
  10. Scarlet Ribbons
  11. On Top of Old Smokey
  12. The Water is Wide
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