Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spindlewood "Blue Sky Red Earth" CD 1995

This is the third album from Spindlewood (the first and second have already been posted here). It has long been "out-of-print".
At this stage the primary performers were Jesse Rowan on vocals and hammered dulcimer; Tony Griffiths on various instruments and vocal;
Leoni McRae on vocals and flute; and Wayne Collins on vocals guitars, banjo and percussion. Other contributors includes Christine Kearslake, Louise Hildyard, Rob Mahoney and Bob Hefner.

Again a mix of traditionals and modern compositions executed by a very competent group of musicians obviously dedicated to their music.

 Click here to download 100Mb MP3 @ 256-320VBR. Full graphics included.


  1. Thanks for this and the previous albums by Spindlewood. Don't know where I was when they were performing; I would have loved to see them live. At least I can now listen to their albums.