Friday, August 8, 2014

Lionel Long "Australia! Australia!" LP 1975 Stereo

Ian from Tasmania has very generously provided digital copies of several LP albums of Australian Folk Singers and Songs along with their graphics and some graphics to supplement previous postings - and all of a high quality too. Many thanks Ian.
I know very little about this album and you will notice that the liner notes are totally uninformative as to when and where these tracks were recorded and what other musicians and singers were involved. It is supposedly produced by a "Tweed Harris"??
I have not bothered to check but I guess that some of the tracks are re-issues from earlier albums possibly cashing in on his various television appearances in Australian series. I'd welcome any definite information than any of our readers can provide.
Still, this is a worthy album portraying the stronger RCA focus on Long's traditional folk side.

1. Cash & Co.
2. Click go the shears
3. 10,000 miles
4. The Wild Colonial Boy
5. The Banks of the Condamine (shearing version)
6. The Brisbane Ladies (Augathella Station)
7. Waltzing Matilda
8. Razorback (Moonlight Rider)
9. On the Banks of the Reedy Lagoon
10. Botany Bay
11. The Wild Rover
12. Wallaby Stew

Download here with graphics from MediaFire  (FLAC version) 139MB
The Download file must be decompressed before playing.
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  1. I can't offer any information but I thank you for the post. A very enjoyable listen to some good Aussie folk songs. Also thank you Ian in Tasmania.

  2. Tweed Harris was the keyboard player for Australian late 60's bands The Clefs & The Groove. He then became an inhouse producer for RCA, twiddling the knobs for Renee Geyer's I's A Man's Man's World, Bobby Bright's & Marcie Jones first solo albums, an album for female singer Brenda Kristen, one for Digby Richards, one of Lucky Starr's 70's albums as I recall, and others I can't quite recall So it's nice to add this album of Lionel's too..thank you