Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Martyn Wyndham-Read, Phyl Vinnicombe & Peter Dickie "Bullockies, Bushwackers & Booze" LP 1967

Another rare album submitted by Ian from Tassie. This is a 1967 album featuring the Brit Martyn Wyndham-Read, Phyl Vinnicombe (later becoming Phyl Lobl) and Peter Dickie. We have met all of these previously in this blog.

There are some great tracks on the LP but the sound recording and subsequent sound engineering, if any, is very basic even for 1967. (No production details of any type are listed on the liner notes). This has detracted from the performances of these very competent artists.

Still, this is a "must-have" album for the serious Australian folk fan featuring some rarer tracks including Kenneth Cook's (remember him from Lionel Long's Bold Bushrangers 2 LP album)  composition "O'Meally's Shanty" which is clearly to the tune of the forebitter "Oh, You New York Girls, can't you dance the Polka".

  • Side 1
    Reedy River (5.08)
    The Overlanders (2.50)
    Andy's Gone with Cattle (2.09)
    Euabalong Ball (1.45)
    One of the Has-Beens (1.51)
    The Wild Rover (3.25)
    Ye Sons of Australia (3.55)
    Maryborough Miner (3.55)

  • Side 2
    Click Go the Shears (3.45)
    The Wild Colonial Boy (3.06)
    O'Meally's Shanty (2.20)
    Put a Light in Every Country Window (2.38)
    'Ard Tack (3.44)
    Lazy Harry's (2.55)
    Ballad of Ben Hall's Gang (2.56)
    Waltzing Matilda (2.45)
 Download with full graphics (new link 29 Jul 2017}


  1. Thanks Paul. Haven't heard this album since I borrowed a copy from the Batman Record Library in Melbourne over forty years ago.

  2. Great piece of Oz folk history. Thanks for uploading, Paul, and also to Ian for the rip.
    Particularly liked the sleeve notes for " 'Ard Tack" (lol)
    Best wishes.