Monday, August 25, 2014

Warren Fahey and the Larrikins "Billy of Tea" LP 1978

Another great LP from Ian of Tassie (and more yet to come).

This is a 1978 album. Warren Fahey provided vocals and his oft-changing group of Larrikins was then:-
Jacko Kevans - vocals, accordion and concertina.
Gordon McIntyre - vocals, guitar, dulcimer and tenor banjo.
Kate Delaney - vocals, whistle and bodhram.
Roger Fisken - fiddle and mandolin.
Steve Ellis - vocals, guitar and mandolin.

Most of the tracks are the Australian folk standards but there are a couple of exceptions including a New Zealand penned tribute to Captain Cook - and a good one too - a somewhat (now) politically incorrect traditional about chinese workers and the British Isles popular traditional "Jones' Ale" aka "When Jones' ale was new". All tracks performed at the expected high standard. There were some minor problems with the material and it cleaned up to a good degree but there are the occasional residual glitches but really nothing that will mar your listening pleasure.

1. Brisbane Ladies
2. Maggie May
3. The Eumerella Shore
4. Heenan & Sayers
5. Tunes (unnamed dance tunes)
6. The New Chum Shearer
7. The Tolerant Man
8. Captain Cook
9. The New Chum Chinaman
10. Gooriannawa
11. Broken Down Squatter
12. The Rabbiter
13 One of the Hasbeens
14 Jones' Ale

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  1. Thanks for the d/l, I would never have come across this great stuff otherwise.


  2. Paul. We included When Jones Ale Was New because it is an Australian version - from Simon McDonald of Creswick.