Saturday, November 1, 2014

Patricia Cook "Did you know them" LP 1968

Another of the offerings from Ian. Again, a big vote of thanks to you Ian.

This is the sole album (1968) from the late Patricia Cook. She has appeared on this blog before in respect of four tracks she performed on Lionel Long's 1963 2xLP set "The Bold Bushrangers" which featured songs written by her then husband, the late Kenneth Cook better known for his literary output ("Wake in Fright" etc).

This album includes a few rarer tracks in the Australian folk tradition and a transport version of "All around my hat". Her performance of Van Dieman's land is, to me, reminiscent of the singing of Delia Murphy, the "Queen of Connemara" who accompanied her husband Thomas J. Kiernan when he became Ireland's first Ambassador to Australia in the post-war 1940s. She often appeared on the ABC singing the songs of her homeland especially "Spinning Wheel".

Excellent backing to the tracks from the renowned guitarists Don Andrews and Sebastian Jorgenson.

1. Van Dieman's Land
2. Jim Jones
3. All around me 'at.
4. The Donahue Song
5. Dan Morgan
6. Lullaby
7. The Cross of the South
8. Eureka Lament
9. The Ringer
10. Did you know them?
11. The bullocky
12. Johnny come home
13. Fragments (Dole Song and If I had money)
14. Danny Jones of Cobb & Co.

Click here to download MP3 192-224 VBR with graphics 55Mb

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