Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mike Jackson comments on Mike and Michelle Jackson postings

Mike Jackson (click here for his website) previously of Mike and Michelle Jackson has commented on the postings of their two folk albums on this blog, namely "Patchwork" and "The Roaring Days of Henry Lawson", from rips supplied by Ian of Adelaide and Paul fom Brisbane.  Mike's comment is:-

Thanks for the kind words chaps and chappesses,
So nice to see this bit of my past still freely available. No, we didn't make it with money in mind! Long live music. :)
And while I'm at it, bless Warren Fahey Larrikin Records/Folkways for making this and dozens of other projects preserving and promoting Australian Folk Music possible.


  1. Nice work Mike. I still use The Free Selectors Daughter in performances.

  2. Many thanks for making the albums available Paul - I absolutely love "The Roaring Days Of Henry Lawson" - an absolute classic imho! (Best version of "Andy's Gone With Cattle" that I've ever heard (& I've heard a few!) And really great to get the thumbs up too from Mike! Makes a really refreshing change - Great music Mike & good to know that you're still "at it" though would love to hear some more "music for adults" from you one day! Any chance?
    All the best JB