Monday, January 25, 2010

Tina Lawton (Untitled Album) LP 1965

The very popular Tina Lawton, folk singer and artist, was 21 years old when this, her first album was released in December 1965.  On it she featured traditional songs of the British Isles, accompanied, amongst others by the harpist Huw Jones and Andy Sundstrom on guitar.
She went on to appear in the ABC film "The Restless Years" in 1966 and to release a further two albums "The Singing Bird" and "Fair and Tender" and also toured in Vietnam and other locations entertaining troops.  In 1968, she took up full-time art studies in Edinburgh but still performed intermittently in the UK.
In December 1968, she visited a friend in Kenya where on the 22nd December, she died in a small plane crash.  Truly a great loss to the world of music.
Sadly, I do not have access to her other two LPs which show a greater professional maturity.  Can anyone help?  This LP was very "dirty" but it has "cleaned" to a sort of listenable level.

Track List
1. Marie's Wedding
2. Spinning Wheel
3. One Morning, One Morning
4. Bonnet trimmed with Blue
5. The Lowlands of Holland
6. Mr. McQuire
7. Castle of Dramore
8. Spanish Lady
9. Trotting to the Fair
10. Lord Gregory
11. The Bird's Courting Song
12. Welsh Lament
13. Blacksmith Song
14. She moved through the Fair
15 Cuckoo Song

MP3 mono 192 VBR with Graphics

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  1. I remember that she used to stay at the beach house next to ours when I was a kid. I seem to recall hearing the news that she had been killed in the plane crash, her parents may have been next door at the time. I have been looking for this ever since. I would dearly love to hear the other albums. thanks for the post.

  2. I went to school with Tina and it is 50 years ago this year that we finished. Want to play some of her songs a the reunion. Are there any availiable anywhere?
    Kaye McDonald nee Friend

  3. Hello Kaye,
    The only songs I have are those included in the download link I have posted above. I am still looking for her other two albums.

  4. I first saw Tina perform at the Troubador in Sydney and took a photo of her there when she was singing a song with a refain some thing like "...and the bells will ring, when I am gone". Does any one know the name of this song and a source for its lyrics? She was a wonderfuly tallented singer with such a true, clear and melodious voice.

  5. Re Last Post - Usually known as "Ev'ry Time", "every Time" or "When we are gone". Original lyrics by Tom Paxton - virtually a standard in the early folk revival days, and thus done by many artists, e.g Carolyn Hester and the Fureys, with lyric variations. Here's the Paxton original:-

    Ev'ry Time (When We Are Gone)
    Words and Music by Tom Paxton

    Ev'ry time I hear a sweet bird singin'
    I think of you and I, my dear,
    I think of you and I.
    When I hear the evenin' bells a ringin'
    I hang my head and cry, my dear,
    I hang my head and cry.

    And they will ring,
    And they will ring
    When we are gone.

    Ev'ry time I hear your soft voice hummin'
    My heart jumps in my breast, my dear,
    My heart jumps in my breast.
    And until I hear your footsteps comin'
    I sure can know no rest, my dear,
    I sure can know no rest.

    I will love you,
    I will love you
    When we are gone.

  6. Thanks for answering my question about "Ev'ry Time". I can picture and hear Tina singing it in my mind now.

  7. Thank you so much for this. I have been searching for Tina's LPs (to no avail) since Judy Small alerted me to her many years ago as one of the founding influences on Judy's own career.

    I have read so much about Tina over the years since but apart from the recent appearances of clips from 'The Restless Years' I have never been fortunate enough to listen to any of her performances.

    Finally(!!!) I now have the legendary first album (which she is said to have personally preferred over her others)

    An enormous 'Thank you' , Paul

    Pat Drummond

  8. I was brought up in Australia but now live in UK. I have all three LPs: Tina Lawton, CBS Monaural, BP233277; Singing Bird, CBS Monaural, BP233315; Fair & Tender, CBS Monaural, BP233394; all were bought at the Music Lovers' Record Shop in Civic, Canberra, in the mid-sixties. As soon as I saw and heard Tina on "Jazz Meets Folk", I wanted to hear more of her. The LPs are all in quite good condition, even the covers. And I've just listened to all of them. I really wish the owners of the material would bring them out in CD format. I'll probably run off some CDs for my own use. And I would not part with those LPs for anything. It's great to know that her wonderful voice, with its range, its diction and its expression, is still loved. Best wishes to you all, from Kev.

  9. Thanks for this. It seems like you went a little overboard with the noise reduction, though — the sound quality is very unpleasant and muffled, and it would actually be more listenable if you didn't try to get rid of all the surface noise.

    1. Not the case - it is simply a poor-quality, badly-worn record - unfortunately the only one I have ever been able to get my hands on.