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Quintessence "Songs for a Winter's Night" CD 1997

This Quintessence is a South Australian group which formed in the 1990s and comprising Peter Day, Lyn Hynd, Diana McGregor, Michael McGregor and  Tricia Smylie. The album title, of course, comes from Gordon Lightfoot's brilliant ballad "Song for a Winter's Night". They do a very good performance of that track perhaps influenced by Harry Belafonte's poignant version recorded as "The Hands I Love".
I know very little about this group other than what appears on the CD information and I have previously collected a track of theirs not featured on this CD. Any further information would be very welcome as they have a very good folky sound.

Today, 18 Jan 2022, Michael McGregor emailed as follows:-
My name is Michael McGregor and I was part of Quintessence. Thank you for featuring our album. Your blog has just come to my attention. Further information: We were all members of tha Hills Folk Club in Adelaide. The inspiration came from hearing the Three women's voices together. Tricia has the deep bluesy contralto, Lyn the straight middle soprano and Diana the high soprano. Peter was already playing with Lyn and Diana and I were an established duo. Big influence was Hills, Herdsman, Mangsen.We were together for 8 years but  combination of family and health issues meant we had to fold. Thanks again. 
Thank you for the information, Michael

The tracks are:-
1. These Coal Town Days
2. From the Lambing to the Wool
3.  Carry me like a fire in your heart.
4. Will ye gang Love
5. Trouble in the fields
6. Too close to the wind
7.  Singing Land
8. Song for a Winter's Night
9. Redwing Blackbird
10. My Love
11. Send me back to Georgia
12. Leaving the land
13. Black Diamonds
14. Reqium for the giant trees
15 Children of Africa

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