Monday, October 15, 2012

Spindlewood "Face the Wind" CD 1991

This was Spindlewood's second album; this time issued on CD in 1991. It has long been "out of print". With this album the principal performers were Toni Griffiths, Bob Hefner, Loani McRae, Wayne Collins and Jesse Rowan (then known as Cathleen Moran). The CD also acknowledges contributions from five other musicians.
This album is less focused on traditional folk than the first and there is a bit of a Celtic, New Age feel to it, however, it features some really great harmony and musical performances. Smooth, sophisticated and disciplined are three adjectives that spring to mind. This is an album that is far broader than its folk roots. Even your folk-hating friends will enjoy this one.

The tracks are:-
  1. Southern Land - W. Collins
  2. Fear a Bhata - Trad
  3. All the Ships - Tony Griffiths
  4. Land of Light - Roy Gullane
  5. Island Spinning Song - Trad
  6. Plant Your Fields - W. Waldman
  7. O'Carolan's Ramble to Cashel - T. O'Carolan
  8. Weave and Mend - M. Trup/A. Cameron
  9. Morrison's Jig/Water Bearer - trad/S. Oldfield
  10. My Father's Coat - Tony Griffiths
  11. The Water Lily - Henry Lawson/ Priscilla Herdman
  12. Common Load - Tony Griffiths
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