Saturday, January 28, 2017

Liz and John Munro "Family Favourites" LP 1985

I have received two rips of this album. I have mainly used the one from Michael as it was slightly cleaner and he had already did some good work on it. I used a part of the other rip from the Victorian Bush Folkie to patch in a missing section (track jump) on one track. Thanks fellows, you make a life a bit easier.

There are some very good tracks on this album but the stand-out is Liz Munro's treatment of Eric Bogle's "Safe in the Harbour" which is a tribute to the famed Canadian singer/songwriter Stan Rogers. Incidentally, if you like the more contemporary folk singers like Bogle, I highly recommend the music of Stan Rogers. He's very good.

Liz and John are Scottish expats with a long association with the Aussie folk scene. John regularly accompanies Eric Bogle.

1. Safe in the Harbour
2. Celtic Medley (instrumental)
3. Laundromat Lover
4. Open your Heart
5. The Rose
6. Heights of Alma
7. Coilsfield House (instrumental)
8, Lord Franklin
9. The Bonnie Maid of Fife
10. Snowball (instrumental)
11. Mary Parker's Lament

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  1. It would be nice to have this on cd. All favourites of mine but Liz's interpretation of Judy Small's Mary Parker's Lament does it for me everytime...

    1. I have to agree. This is a masterpiece for her!