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Various Artists "Newcastle Folk Festival 1974"

Tony Suttor - festival performer 1974
Some time ago, I had a .wav rip of the "Newcastle Folk Festival 1974" passed on to me by a friend. (Just to alert our international visitors -  this Newcastle is in New South Wales)

The album suffers from all the usual problems with folk festival recordings back in the sixties and seventies - limited recording facilities and editing facilities. It appears that the vinyl did not have all that many problems itself. I only had to do minimal editing of the rip but the overall sound quality is very ordinary in parts. One very annoying feature was that there was a lot of applause included on the album after each number and it was not only "canned applause" but it was the same for each performance and on "fade" it sounded like a gurgling drain. I have severely reduced the amount of applause just to keep within the "live" performance spirit.

There are some good performances on this album despite the recording and production problems and some songs and talented performers that we have not heard elsewhere.
I do not have any graphics for the album so I have included a far more modern photo of Tony Suttor who was one of the performers on the day.

Additional February 2017
Coincidentally, Tony Suttor has rectified the absence of any album graphics by providing a photo of his cover - it is an 8" square plain paper sheet glued to the front. It does provide some additional information. Two of the listed "officials, promoters, organisers etc" are still active in the folk world. Norm Merrigan runs The Turning Wave folk festival in Yass. Pam Merrigan is the current "boss cocky" and long-time Artist Director at the National Folk Festival.

Please note: You can save this graphic by right-clicking on it and then choosing to save it. This graphic is not included in the download package.

Side One
    01. Lady Chatterly's Lover - Chris Cady
    02. Love Song to a Stranger - Fay Davis
    03. Hal 'n' Tow - Jolly Rumbylowe
    04. Right of the Line - Maureen Cummuskey (great poem/song by the late Dermott Ryder)
    05. Rise Up Jock - Tony Suttor & Andy Saunders
    06. Rovin' Gambler - Tim Glover
    07. Motor Car Song - Peter Mitchell
Side Two
    01. Shake That Thing - Chris Cady
    02. Starry Night for a Ramble - Sydney Ducks Push Band
    03. Broom of Cowdenknowes - Jolly Rumbylowe
    04. Dark Eyed Rovers (Child 200)- Colin Dryden
    05. The Tailor and the Mouse - Libby & Micky
    06. Calton Weaver - Tom Rummery
    07. My Faithful Johnny - Tony Suttor & Andy Saunders
    08. Polly Put the Kettle On - Tom, Kate, Jacko & Colin
    09. Wild Mountain Thyme - All lead by Tom Rummery

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